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I’m having a Halloween party and my friends said they wanted little activities and games?

So like I’m definitely going to have a hide and seek or a tag game something like sardines (if you know what that game is…) but I don’t know what else? There’s probably going to be about 15 people there so…? any ideas?
10 points goes to whoever can give me (a) good idea(s) and how to play it to just something to do with these people that’s really fun and maybe possibly Halloween related

oh and we r probably going to already tell ghost stories :)

how can i make a halloween costume like the little green aliens from Toy Story?

What horror movie has the little girls singing ring around the rosie in true horror fashion?

Thought it was Freddie Kruegar, but not in the original–help please–thanks.

How can I make my Halloween costume a little more sexy?|Mad_Hatter_Child_Costume&ci_src=14110944&ci_sku=B001D4T4WW&ref=tgt_adv_XSG10001

My costume is the Mad Hatter but it looks a little to young because im like a teenager so how can I make it like more grown up???

When you were little did your Mom make your Halloween costume or did it come from the store?

What to add to little black dress to make a halloween costume???

I have a black dress with very little baby pink trim. The possibilities must be endless, but i cant think of any.
I would buy a new costume but im pretty low income, so any ideas on what i could add to this black dress that comes down to my calves… to make a terrific and CUTE costume would be appreciated.
I was thinkin dead princess, but i dunno how i would do that??
So please anyone add some ideas, but please add in on what i would need to make it.

Why do most japanese horror movies have little girls in them?

i have noticed that in alot of japanese horror movies they have little girls who kill people like the grudge the ring one missed call etc can someone please tell me why?

Whats that old horror movie called where theres a little child demon killing?

Whats that old horror movie called where theres a little child demon killing, i think he tried to kill a girl named clarice. Ive been trying to find out Which movie it is so i can watch. Its sort of old, maybe came out in the eighties. But is an awesome movie

Little Old Lady

The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything By: Linda Williams

Should we be worried that my little brother likes to watch horror movies?

He’s only 3 and he loves to watch horror movies. He always have, since he was about 7 or 8 months old (and I’m not over exaggerating either). He likes to watch anything with blood or dealing with the supernatural. It’s not that that’s the only thing he’s watches; it’s just that usually things that kid his age are afraid to watch.

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