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Coast To Coast AM: Paranormal Documentaries / Space News 7-20-2011 Download Link


Does anybody have a link to the police alternate ending of Paranormal Activity?

I’ve just been searching the interwebs trying to find this and i have had no luck.

What on earth is this creature? (link to photo)?

Here’s a link to a photograph on a leading site on the subject of cryptozoology:

The image shows a skeleton of some animal on the beach. You can scroll down to read the witness’s report. This thing is supposedly unidentified, but who knows. It’s interesting though. It looks almost like a dragon. Anyone able to identify it?
Some Guy

Why do people assume there is a link between Wicca and the paranormal?

I know Wicca believers use divination, with tarot cards and such but some people say there is a larger link than this. why?

Dose anyone know a ghost or paranormal place where I can link a video or send it to?

I have evidence of ghosts or the paranormal and I need to send it some where to know if its real o not anyone know a place?

can someone please provide me a link of spooky children singing like in horror films?

i can’t seem to find spooky children singing sound effects .
please.send me a link. DO NOT RECOMMEND ME BANDS. thank you.

don’t bother commenting if it won’t be helpful. thanks.

Celebrity Weakest Link Paranormal Edition

Michele Knight on Weakest Link

Daniel Link: My YouTube Show – Episode 5 (part 2 of 2)

V-Tour destination to Hannibal, MO for Folk Life Festival, a haunted tour of Rockcliffe Mansion and the family visits Pop’s Haunted Corn Maze. A special bonus: Daniel and his sister Kitty do some real ghost hunting at Screaming Johnny’s…the ruins of an old church and cemetery where the ghost of young boy is said to haunt the grounds!

Are ghosts real and can anyone give me a link to a credible source?

I need a good link to a credible source that proves ghosts are real.

How do people manage to link ghosts to Christian beliefs?

I’m just curious about this –

The Bible openly states that ghosts are nothing more than demons, right? That the dead do not live on except in Heaven/Hell, right? So why do people who hold otherwise Christian beliefs believe in ghosts?

Surely, if anything, ghosts are completely based in folklore or older belief systems.

What’s your opinion on this?

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