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Halloween party game ideas…?? nothing like pass the pumpkin, the party will mostly be adults…thanks :)?

also if the games could be kid friendly as well would be great..thanks for the help!

What are some creatures like Bigfoot and Mothman that I might not know about?

I watch monsterquest and all those shows like lost tapes and stuff because i’m interested n cryptozoology so dont refer them to me.
Here are some things I know about
3.Lochness Monster
5.Dover Demon
6. Boneless Horror or the Kraken
7.Creature of Bear Lake
12.Ohio Grassman
13.And some other ones I cant think of ATM

Anyway please tell me some so I can research them a little bit.
,Thank you for helping
Jersey Devil is one of them I forgot about

how can i make a halloween costume like the little green aliens from Toy Story?

What kinds of movie do you like? Horror / Action / Romantic / Sci-Fic or a combination of different genres?

I like Horror, sci-fic horror. What about you?

And what are some of the best movies you’ve seen in your favorite genre? Mine are:

Drag Me to Hell
Final Destination
Resident Evil
@Clevelander Dawg: No and most Iranians are pro-American.

Is it bad to like Halloween and horror stuff?

I get more flack from people for building a scary website than for building a simple political blog. Why am I being outcast as a devil worshiper? I don’t care for the devil or his evils that happens in this world. I don’t mutilate animals nor do I have head turning moments followed by pea soup spit ups. I just like horror and want to have that free will to do so with out being called out of my name.

movies like paranormal activity and death of a ghost hunter?

I like horror movies like paranormal activity and death of a ghost, where they record stuff in a haunted house (ex. E.V.P.) or videos. It’s just something I like to watch because it tells you there is more to death (just what I believe, please no criticism). Are there other movies like that?

Are there any good horror movies I may like that fit with these?

I LOVE horror movies. My favorites are:
Drag Me To Hell
Friday The 13th
A Nightmare On Elm Street
The Ring
The Uninvited
A Tale Of Two Sisters
Let The Right One In
Rosemary’s Baby
The Changeling
Trick ‘r Treat
Dawn Of The Dead
Silent Hill
& many more.

Can anyone recommend me any movies? I’m getting bored with the same ones. They don’t have to be new, or overly popular. I’m really into psychological horrors and paranormal horrors though.
Thanks guys!

Why do people like horror games and films?

A bedrock assumption in theories that explain and predict human behavior is people’s motivation to pursue pleasure and avoid pain. How can this be reconciled with the decision to engage in experiences known to elicit negative feelings, such as horror movies” It certainly seems counterintuitive that so many people would voluntarily immerse themselves in almost two hours of fear, disgust and terror. Why do people pay for this? How is this enjoyable?

What does Kates face look like at the end of Paranormal Activity?

I wasn’t looking at that part and I really want to see what her face looks like at the end, after she is possessed with the demon and throws that guy. Does anyone have a picture or something? I cant find one on google.

Why does the movie Paranormal Activity make it seem like its based on a true story?

Such as at the end when it says Micah died on October 11, 2006 and Katie’s where abouts are unkown.

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