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ModiTronic – Splitscreen Lightning Test at Night

Jonathan & Roger test the Deep Infrared Camcorder and the Full Spectrum Camcorder during a lightning storm around 12:00am in Wisconsin Rapids. These cameras are to be used with River Cities Paranormal Society (RCPS) for paranormal investigations. Theory has stated that ghosts will reside in these light spectrums and will be easier to film. Purchase either one of these cameras at for under 200 dollars. River Cities Paranormal Society http The Paranormal Social Network: MyPara

What are some good songs with thunder and lightning? Or spooky sounds?

I need to know if there is a website or songs that i can find with thunder and lightning in them. Or rain sounds? Just the instrumental

Unexplained 48 – Ball Lightning or UFO ?

Unexplained 48 – Ball Lightning or UFO ?Hello. We live in a mysterious universe. So many inexplicable events and observations, and yet we just do not have enough information to be able to say for sure what constitutes the definitive example of any unexplained phenomenon. Some of my uploaded videos are clearly not real. They have been included for illustrative purposes to indicate the sort of phenomena that might possibly exist. The subject of unexplained mysteries includes the fields of ufos, cryptozoology, crop circles, and alien intelligence. The world of the unexplained is forever evolving. In the early days, strange mythical creatures were of great interest. Then from around the 1940s, the possibility of alien intelligence captured the public’s imagination. The mysterious universe continues to fascinate us with new mysteries. Where it will lead to one day is a mystery in itself.

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