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what kind of games do u play @ a halloween Party???????????

Help me i have noooooooooo idea how to host a halloween party if u have any ideas then PLEZ tell me………. thanx

What kind of Halloween games can I play at my party? =] Besides Twister, truth or dare…I want HALLOWEN GAMES?

What kind of games can you play at a adult halloween party?

Im hosting a adult halloween party but ive searched everywhere including the internet for fun and scary games to play at a adult halloween party and came up with nothing please give ideas if you have them it will be much appreciated thanks!!

What kind of games would you play at an adult halloween party?

Preferably drinking games.

Halloween costume ? what kind of costume can I make with bridesmaids dresses?

I have several nice bridesmaids dresses, what can I make those into or what kind of idea’s for a costume do you have? Thanks.

What kind of Halloween costume can you make at home and wear to work in a bar?

Im on a budget.

What kind of games should I do for my Halloween party?

Well, I am having a SMALL Halloween party with my family. An 80 year old-14 year old-and two 40 year olds. I want it to be fun for EVERYONE, like for children and adults. What kind of activites should we have? That are simple and I dont have to run around buying stuff? I am capable of making stuff to btw.
What is Risk and how do you play it? Please respond!

Having a halloween party day before halloween, what kind of games should i have, or stuff to do ?

anyone have any good ideas on games, activities, what are some of things you’ve done, or what did you do when you went to a halloween party ? what kind of food did you serve , decor, etc. anything would help ! thanks

What kind of education do you need to become a paranormal investigator?

if you need to go to a certain collage which ones are good ones??

what kind of camera did Micah use in the movie paranormal activity?

I like that camera and would like to know so I can get one.

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