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Anyone know of a good paranormal investigation team in the Charlotte, NC area?

Used to do some amateur investigating in FL. Been in the Rock Hill/Charlotte area for ten years and would like to work with some serious enthusiasts. Serious replies are appreciated.

The Group CCSU Society of Paranormal Investigation is temporarily unavailable?

Niether I nor any of my users can access messages or files or welcome messages. All of the group activity links under management sent me to a blank page saying “connection refused. So what do I do to make this all work?

When starting a paranormal investigation group what talents would best for the members to have?

Like might it be advisable to have those who have knowledge and experience working with the technical part of the field like cameras, recorders and computers?

Please only paranormal investigators answer this question. On first investigation- what ways to be prepaired?

Seriously now.
It isn’t a game it is a real investigation.
How does a first timer prepare for such an experience?

Cashtown Inn Investigation Haunted Gettysburg

Haunted Gettysburg Paranormal Society investigates the famous Cashtown Inn

EVP on Video – Walker-Ames House Investigation (Port Gamble, WA) – Kitchen

Washington State Paranormal Society investigated the Walker-Ames House at Port Gamble, WA on August 28, 2010. This was an Electronic Voice Phenomena, or EVP, we captured on video during in the kitchen area of the main floor. Our Website: Twitter

Help with starting a paranormal investigation group?

I am looking to start my own paranormal investigation group in Rochester MN. I have studied the paranormal ever since I was 9. So now i am looking to start my own group but I just don’t have the knowledge to start my own so if there is someone out there that is really willing to help me start my own group I would really appreciate it.

How old do you have to be part of a paranormal investigation team?

I am 16 years old ( 17 in about 3 months) and i would like answers from actual people who are in a investigation group.

Who is really into paranormal investigation and what area are you investigating or focusing on?

There are several fields. What are you good at, what are you working on, researching, or focused in?

NOPS Investigation Montage1

NOPS North Orange county Paranormal Society Here are some of the locations Jim & Sam of NOPS has investigated. Shot and edited by NOPS shawn

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