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PLEASE Help me find an interesting, unique speech topic?!?

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me! I’m in grade 8 and we are starting speeches in my school. I need a very interesting topic that will interest the audience(grade 8 class) from 3-5 minutes. Some idea’s that I have are:
-The History of Halloween (a bit wierd, but will it interest my audience)
-Walt Disney or Mickey Mouse or Disney Characters (is it to baby-ish for my audience and will it take too long for me to explain in 3-5 minutes?)
-The Bermuda Triangle (there is so much information on it I’m scared the speech will be about 20 minutes long)
-Animal Rights/Cruelty (Is it too COMMON?)

P.S. I do not want things like Global Warming or very WIERD topics like ‘The History of Pens’.

I REALLY don’t know what to do, PLEACE PLEASE help?
Your answers are all greatly appreciated, thank you.

I was also thinking of Cryptozoology, but, I think it’s a bit too… wierd…?

how to make my halloween costume more interesting?

alright so im being snow white for halloween this year. i really wanna like stand out i guess so this is my costume
what could i do to make it “stand out more” like i am going to wear a wig with it but what else could i do??

How can I make a halloween costume more interesting?

Colored and circle contact lenses are awesome for making heads turn, and they can complete a halloween costume with style and fun. But they cost twenty to thirty bucks, and I don’t wanna pay that much for personalizing a costume. So how can I make a costume unique without buying something that pricey?

What are some interesting stuff i should look up for the paranormal?

like some things. i am doing a feature article about the paranormal and i need some stuff to write about. help

Halloween Costume Idea: How to become the most interesting man in the world?

Ok so I want to become the most interesting man in the world from the Dos Equis (XX) commercials… Any ideas for creating this persona? I have some pretty good ones myself but would love some opinions… by the way Halloween is my Birthday and this is a very special day for me!

Any interesting topics of horror out there?

I’m planning a research paper and have read about mythical beasts ranging from vampires, werewolves, ghouls, and even fairies. The goal is to write a paper on a creature of horror. The problem is finding a connection between a creature and contemporary fears. I was thinking about writing about the correlation between the evolution of racism and evolution of vampires (they are becoming less “scary”) but this can’t work. Does anyone have any other ideas?

Interesting Pendulum Activity In Mid-Suffolk

Is this paranormal or natural? We're going back to find out!

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