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Anyone have any good Halloween idea and games for a childrens party?

Anyone Have Any Idea What The Title Of This Book Is?

When I was in Junior High I read a book which would basically into into the category of cryptozoology. I remember that I found it extremely fascinating but I cannot remember the title of it for the life of me. I remember the particular copy I read had a hand drawn photo of the Jersey Devil on the cover, the contents covered an extensive list of accounts with supposedly unexplainable creatures. The Jersey Devil, Bigfoot, Spring Heeled Jack, and even an account of an encounter with a Mastodon or Woolly Mammoth were recorded in the book. I would be grateful if anyone had any idea what I am referring to and could tell me what the book was.

I need a halloween costume idea I can make from stuff at home?

I have a last minute halloween party and I need a costume, however am plus sized so can’t run to the store and buy something..Any ideas.

Could somebody give me some idea for a horror story?

I need an idea for horror story that will be set in a boarding school. I would be very grateful if i could i get some ideas.

For a vampire novel, would this be a decent idea?

I haven’t fully developed the plot yet. If you’ve read my previous question, you’ll know that this was originally just a creative outlet that got bigger, so i originally had no intentions of ever writing more than just a couple of descriptions and conversations. This is just the prologue, or first chapter. i haven’t got as far as mapping the story out yet.

The night started out like any other in the past 16 years of my life. The bloody sun set beneath the grand housing and reeking smoke that rose from the chimneys at the other end of town, carriages clattered past on the road below and my maid was combing my hair. I tried to focus on the upcoming events, rather than the constant tugs on my scalp. It would be Yvette’s birthday in a week. She and I would be going to the King’s court for the first time, though I could have gone last month, when I turned 16. I wanted to wait for her, though the excitement was constantly bubbling up inside me. The whole court would watch us, and maybe the King would ask us to dance! I was going to wear my new dress, and Poppy, my maid, was going to make my hair look so pretty –
I was jerked out of my fantasies by another yank of my hair. My heart-shaped face glared back at me from the mirror. My green eyes stared enviously out like demon eyes. They had nothing to be jealous of, though. We were both having our hair pulled by our more-than-slightly ditzy maids. Mirror-me’s dark hair was flipped over her face, and I recognized mirror-Poppy’s freckled hands weave it back into a braid that kept it wavy for when I woke up.
I pushed the mirror away from me. I didn’t particularly want to see what horrors mirror-Poppy was wreaking on mirror-me, since I knew they were all happening to me, because mirror-me and I were one and the same person. Even though I liked to pretend we weren’t.
Mirror-me had never had the same name as me, though she responded to my name. Mirror-me had always been called Lilly, and I imagined she would have long, blonde hair that hung in natural curls down her back. Her eyes would have been sea-blue, and her lips like cherries. I thought that maybe she lived in a castle somewhere, where there were no maids tugging relentlessly at her hair, no time to sit around sewing pointlessly, and all the more time to see things. I wasn’t sure what exactly she saw, but it had to be more exciting than here. Whenever I looked at her, her hair went dark and her eyes were monster-eyes again, and her honey skin paled to my own sickly white skin which never tanned. She would become as trapped in the monotonies of rich-girl life as I was, and at least I was happy we could share that.
“Miss Helena?” called Poppy’s voice from the corner of my consciousness. “I’ve finished your hair. Would you like to go to bed now?”
“Fine, Poppy. You’re dismissed,” I sighed and walked to my bed, glancing over my shoulder at the mirror. Lilly was gone, it was only my own eyes staring back.
It was that blank, green blare of my eyes that stirred something in me that night. I crawled into bed as Poppy closed the door with a faint click, but I didn’t blow out my lamp. I propped my pillows up against the headboard of my bed and let myself doze for a little while. The midnight chiming of the clock would wake me up, just like it had for the last sixteen years.
I closed my eyes and dreamed of roses that bled when I touched them.
The steady chimes of the clock woke me up. It stood on its oak cabinet across the room from my bed. The walls were mostly plain white, except for the bands of pale yellow and pink flowers that divided the walls in half around the middle, and skirted the floor and ceiling. I hated that design. It was interrupted with the wide bay window I had, with a long, cushioned seat that stretched along the length of the window. The windows were opened tonight with the summer heat, and the white net curtains blew away from the window like ghosts. The dressing table sat against the opposite wall to the windows, and next to that was my wardrobe.
I got out of bed clumsily. My nightgown hovered around my ankles as I walked, and the lacy cuffs scratched at my wrists. Even my summer nightgown had long sleeves. It was very thin, and I hoped no one should ever see me in it. Except Poppy. She didn’t count, since she’d been my maid since I was born.
I sat down on the stool in front of the mirror. It was almost too dark to see my reflection. A beam of moonlight cast just enough to see my face in the mirror. I whispered hello to mirror-me, and began removing the braids Poppy had tied in my hair.
It was then, while I was busy with my hands, that they took me.
In an instant, gloved hands closed around my wrists and a sweet-smelling handkerchief was pressed over my mouth and nose. Chloroform. They took it away before I was properly knocked out, so when my kidnapper picked me up I was aware of everything. Including how thin my dress was over my breasts. I couldn’t lift my head to see who was kidnapp

What is a good idea for a halloween costume you can make yourself?

I am 14 and need a costume for halloween. I kinda want something kinda girly but I’m open to anything. I really don’t want something that you have to sew together. Also please nothing slutty because my dad wont let me out the door in it but please help me :)

I don’t really like the idea of breast feeding… I have a few questions?

I’m not exactly sure why, but the idea of breast feeding makes me feel uneasy. Perhaps its because my mother didn’t breast feed me, or neither did her mother. It might be because of all the horror stories I hear from my friends. Anyways, I told myself that I’m at least going to TRY it for my baby. (I sure do give breast feeding moms props lol) I have a few questions if anyone has the time :)
How was your experience?
Did you feel this way?
Was it what you expected?
Any other stories, advice etc would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance. =)

Does any one have any idea how I can make a Halloween costume? I want to dress up as a Dryer.?

I also want to make my niece a wash a machine. Any ideas? Thank you all.

So, i need an idea for a screenplay…..(horror)?

this summer my friend and i are planning on making a horror movie, but i am unable to think of what it should be about.
I wan’t it to be horror, and LOW (extremely) low budget, so we can’t buy that many “props” so i need an idea of what it should be about, so i can start writing. HELP! PLEASE!
hmmm, that would be interesting for us, i don’t know if we could pull it off though, i’m almost thinking really cheesy b movie, if you catch my drift

What is a good idea for a spooky story?

I am entering a spooky story contest and i have no idea on what to do HELP

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