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Horrific demon attack caught on tape

An amateur ghost hunter gets the fright of his life as he investigates this abandoned bomb shelter and is violently assaulted by a terrifying demon.

Which horror film would you consider the most horrific that you have ever seen in your lifetime?

I watch films all the time. I was just wondering what the opinions usually are from every type of person. Which horror film would you consider the most horrific which includes a large amount of pop-up scenes, gore scenes, ironic plots, any type. This is just a curious part that I have been thinking about for a very long time.

The Most Horrific EVP Ever Recorded Video

This is an EVP that was obtained by Central New York Ghost Hunters in January 2007. The EVP has not been altered in any way, except it was edited for time. CNY Ghost Hunters have tried to reduce the noise, amplify and “clean” it up, but found it difficult to make out exactly what was being said. We invite you to download this EVP to see what you can make of it. Here are a few things you will need to know about the EVP. 1. This was taken in a Hotel located in New York State that was built in the Mid-1800’s. 2. This EVP was taken on a Saturday at about 3 PM. There are 2 investigators and a member of the family present when the EVP was taken. 3. You can hear the 3 females talking throughout the recording. You will hear a female (the family member) say “Hello, Baby” and another long conversation. That is all human voices. But what sounds like a struggle or attack is going on as well. 4. The male you hear was not present at the hotel. You will hear a cuckoo clock (which was not present) a ticking of a hall clock (which is there), you will hear what sounds like the microphone being moved (which was not touched) and then the sound becomes clearer. You will hear a creaking door and slamming of the door, which is real. Then you will hear a woman say “Get off me.” and what sounds like the woman being attacked. The struggle continues for awhile, and during the EVP, you can hear some of my investigators conversations. After interviewing my investigators, they said they went and sat

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