how can i make a Halloween costume from the cover of Cross My heart and Hope to Spy for under 10 dollars?

i don’t have any thing thats off of the cover and if you don’t think that the person on the cover is Carmon then pleas tell me what you think she would wear


This is a video was captured by Southeastern Paranormal Society during a paranormal ivestigation at FARMERS HOPE INN, MANHEIM PA. It shows shadowy figures outside the window (or inside….its hard to tell). This was during a controlled investigation….all people were accounted

Mount Hope Cemetery – Phantom Tour 13 Most Haunted Places

Mount Hope Cemetery, in Rochester New York, has a long history as a haunted site, even before it became a cemetery. From Phantom Tour: The 13 Most Haunted Places in Western New York http … paranormal ghosts haunting psychic