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Whats a good, hilarious game to play at a halloween party for teens?

My friends & i are throwing a surprise birthday party for my frend Autumn, her favorite holiday is halloween & it just so happenes that her birthday party is a couple days before halloween. Now, we have everything planned, except what were gonna do.,,, (game wise.) All the people at the party are gonna be from the ages 12-15 & our friends tend to get bored easily, so whats a hilarious game that doesnt easily get boring?

Am I the only one who thinks that the paranormal activity movies are hilarious?

Ive watched both movies and im laughing. These novies suck at scaring you, i mean, the first one had like wat, 3 scenes tht were supposed to be scary? Well most ppl are freaked out, am i the only one who feels like this?

Ghost Hunters HILARIOUS Panel – Dragon*Con 2008

A clip with some of the best material from the panel–discussing pranks and a unique question. These guys aren’t fakes when it comes to plumbing.

Hilarious Dave Tango Moment

This is an outake from Season 3, Part 2; Episode “Predisio & Lullaby Lane”: Dave Tango from Ghost Hunters needs to go number 2 ASAP and well…just watch to see what happens!!

Hilarious Halloween Clip

And you thought your family was scary??? We made this with some Halloween props we have…too funny!

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