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I need ideas for games for a Halloween costume party. (Age range 11 to 75!) HELP!!!?

The games can’t involve very much physical activity due to the older guests, and can’t use too much space as the party will be in a small house. Thanks.

halloween party help?

what are some fun halloween party games for adults?

Halloween party! i need help with some games.?

ok, we will have around 6 or 7 teens total. (I know not a lot. but my one of my best friends cant come.) this is also going to be my birthday party. what are some spooky games that we can do? please no bloody marry or ghost sayonce. two of my friends might be sleeping over. i was thinking for the games, Ew what is that? (first person who guesses right wins the round), a relay with someone blindfolded and someone on the blindfolded persons back has to tell them where to go or how to get through. and mummy mummy come alive. we wont do bobbing for apples because it can mess up halloween makeup. please help me. (its from 5:00 to 10:00 i think)

Im having a lil Halloween party, inviting some people. Any good games to play ? =] *10 points fr help!*?

PLEASE HELP I need games for my Halloween Party! PLEASE PLEASE ANSWER?

There are gonna b 6 girls, 11-12, And we NEED GAMES like LIGHT AS A FEATHER, STIFF AS A BOARD! Also ARE THESE GOOD MOVIES FOR THE PARTY? We want to get our butts scared off, but not be scarred for life!!

So..GAMES and MOVIE ADVICE is what I need!!

im going to have a halloween party on halloween. but i need help planing games and stuff.?

on halloween i want to have a killer party! i already know that it going to be a dance party but i have no idea what game i want to play. I cant paly spin the bottle cuz my mom dosent aprove. What kind of games do you think will be fun to play? (were not little kids and no kissing games) thnx!!

Need help in planning a Kintergarden Halloween party – prizes – games – etc…?

i really want to make it a hit but have no idea where to start… Thanks alot for any and all suggestions!!!


hi, im having a halloween party tomorrow and i am in desperate need in games! the party is for 5th and 7th graders. i mostly need games for the 7th graders but for both would be nice. im thinking about a scavenger hunt but i would need things to get and how to play… please help!! :)

What could I do that would help animals?

I’ve always loved animals, especially cats and dogs. I loved them so much I wanted a career working with them. I thought of Cryptozoology, but realized me actually being able to do something with that would be slim. I also thought Zoologist, Anthropologist, and Animal Behaviorist (Anthropology more generally being human study and Animal Behaviorism the study of animals behavior and all these factors, etc.). But this doesn’t satisfy my want to actually help. I’ve thought of Veterinarian, but it just doesn’t seem as fullfilling as I’d like it to be. I’m 17 right now and it’s not like I’m looking for my career, although I’m pretty sure it’ll major somewhere within the areas of Animals and/or Psychology. I just want to know if anyone has any ideas of what I could do that might be a bit more rewarding and help me feel that I actually made a difference.
Zoology was the closest thing I figured the question could fit. Also, I’m not expecting something really big, but I’m just wondering what anyone else knows is out there.
And if it helps for any reason, whatever it may be, I’m the type of person who likes animals more than humans. I’m not an activist for animal rights or anything nor am I a vegetarian.

help wit biology class… Latin?

can you help me wit my biology homework plz?? i need to define 100 latin and greek words and i cant find these words only.

can u give me answers in this form?
like this
Example: pseudopod- Pseudo/ False . Pod/ Foot. == False foot

i only need help on these words.


help plz, and sorry for bad grammar.
can u also give me a site for this plz?

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