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good games for halloween party and while ur hear good songs?

Why don’t we hear more about….?

cryptozoology on here? There is at least as much credible evidence for Bigfoot than for anything else on here, if not more. Is bigfoot not as en vogue as ghosts and psychic powers?

I don’t believe or disbelieve in bigfoot. Sounds plausible, but has not been proven. I live in what is supposed to be bigfoot territory, and do outdoorsy stuff all the time, mountain biking, backpacking, kayaking, it’s the best part of living in Oregon. I have had no bigfoot experiences.
cryptozoology: the study of and search for animals and especially legendary animals usually in order to evaluate the possibility of their existence

yeah Hans, I don’t know what happened to Jonquill’s answer, she must have deleted it for some reason
I can’t see what that is violating, but sometimes it really doesn’t matter. I had one question deleted because YA said it was an advertisement or solicitation or something way off. I can’t imagine they even read my appeals, because the violation reason didn’t even have a hint of substance.

Is it paranormal to hear your name being called or whispered?

I used to live in this old house in Cedar Rapids, IA when i was little and i remember i would always hear my name being either called from another room(the noise was muffled though) or i would hear it whispered almost as if it was in my own head but it was an unfamiliar voice.

I hear that people who watch horror movies, play violent video games, are more depressed?

I hear that people who watch horror movies, play violent video games, or see very sick pictures, are often prone to depression and idealizes suicide than the average person. Is this true?

When the wind blows on a stormy night and you can hear the sound, does it sounds spooky?

I do not mind the rain, but I most certianly do not like hearing the wind coming through the crack of a window when I have it me it is like someone scraping their fingernails on a chalk board which sends chills up my spine…how does it effect you when you hear the wind howling?

The SCARIEST Sound You Will Ever Hear

a Creepy old Prison door in the torture section of the prison

EVP Ghost saying “can you hear me”

My most recent ghost voice recordings

EVP -What do you hear? JeffCityPara CaRes1.1

Class B evp clip. Whispered tone, very fast Comment on what you think you hear!!

REAL EVP ! Spirit Says Her Name Clearly, “Amanda” MUST HEAR!

This is the one and only EVP that i have recorded successfully. This is from the bedroom in my old house in Lakeland, FL @ 2244 Lanier St. W Caption. Sarah: “You should wait until you’re here alone.” Listen for the voice start to say something right before i interupt it. (I still can’t attempt to make out what it was beginning to say there, i would like others opinions on what they hear) Anthony: “Is there anybody here?” You can hear a slight breath or sigh and seems to be the start of it saying something again or some sort of interference as i say Anthony: “If so please tell us your name?” And just as clear as day you can hear her say her name. Amanda: “Amanda” Anthony: “Is This Your House?” Ofcourse we did not hear any of this until i played it back, but when we did we all fled the room in a panic and even went outside and freaked out on the porch for a while before we even went back in, I posted this recording on one of my band’s myspace pages for about 2 years now but never really thought of posting it on here, but i figured whatever will help spread the word and help to provide proof to the skeptics, ever since i captured this i have had a whole new outlook on life and death I guess it was White Noise or something that got me interested in capturing this voice, To this day it’s still foggy what led me to research EVP, but sometimes i think Amanda herself that helped me subconsciously to produce this recording. Regardless at a party one night at my house I, (Anthony

Ghosts talking- ever hear one? Compilation of EVPs from our ghost hunt

Ghosts talking- This is a compilation of EVPs we caught during our investigation and follow up of the Granada Theater in Ontario, California. We chose only the best real ghost evp’s, and paired them with images from our ghost hunt. The best pictures, though, are on our site, All video and sound was perfectly synced when we uploaded this, but youtube’s system threw it all off. We’ve tried to compensate with annotations. This video is also being shown (in sync) at http as well as Paranormal social Network.

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