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I’m having a Halloween party for 5 or 6 children, does anyone have any great ideas for games?

The children are ages 5-10 years old. We are having a pizza party, with cupcake decorating, pumpkin painting, and a candy hunt…what games would you suggest, how are they played and what do I need? Thanks in advance.

I am having a halloween party for about 10 – 15 22 year olds. Any suggestions on any fun party games to play?

I am having a combined birthday party for my kids 1 and 3, Halloween carnival themed what games can we play?

I am planning a birthday for my kids, we will be having it on Halloween. Kids all ages will be attending, what kind of games should we play?

Having a Halloween Party/Baby Shower and need ideas?

I’m planning a Halloween Party/Baby Shower for both my friends Joan Phan and Ashley Ramirez who are both due in November. Can you give me some good baby shower games along with some Halloween games that we could do at the Halloween Party/Baby Shower. And should the party be women only or should we also include the men (along with the dad’s to be) at the Halloween Party/Baby Shower as well.
These are all great ideas so far
Gina: I love those baby shower game ideas

i am having a halloween party what games can i play and what stuff can we do (this is for 12 year olds)?

My sister is having a Halloween party and needs some age appropriate Halloween games to play at her party?

My sister is 11 years old and is in the 6th grade I told her that I would help her come up with some activities to play at her party. the kids range in age from 8 – 14. The reason for such a huge age range is because some of them are cousins. Most of them are 11 or 12 and friends of hers from School. This is a boy girl party! any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. one activity that she already knows she wants to do is to have a hayride and she has already asked her older brother to put on a scary mask and jump out and scare everyone during the hay ride!

I am having a teen Halloween Party I need some Games, Scary or not!?

There is tons of woods and a large room. I don’t know what to do the girls are older teens. Any Ideas?

Having a Halloween Party, Any Game ideas??? ?

We are having a Halloween Party for our son, he’s 3 going on 4. I need Ideas for Halloween themed games for the kids to play, I would also like ideas for a couple of adult games to keep everyone in the spirit and involved. Thank you in advance for any suggestions :)

I am having a halloween party and i have everything planed except games got aney ideas ?

I am having a party outside i have a preaty big pice of land and i have everything planed except games i am inviting about 20 people and were 13-14 years old got aney ideas ???

Having a halloween party day before halloween, what kind of games should i have, or stuff to do ?

anyone have any good ideas on games, activities, what are some of things you’ve done, or what did you do when you went to a halloween party ? what kind of food did you serve , decor, etc. anything would help ! thanks

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