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Cosford RAF Museum – Haunted Avro Lincoln

The RAF Museum at Cosford houses hundreds of aircraft, but only one gets ghost hunters reaching for their notebooks. Avro Lincoln RF398 is as likely to be visited by paranormal investigators as aircraft enthusiasts! After a few of the stories came to light, a BBC team moved in to find out what all the fuss was about. Brian Redfern is one of many visitors to wonder if they’d seen a ghost in the Avro Lincoln After all, it wasn’t merely the insistence of ghost hunters that suggested the aeroplane is haunted. Many staff have experienced strange goings on near and in the aircraft. In 1991, the BBC’s Gwyn Richards investigated the bomber aided by paranormal investigator Ivan Spenceley. As well as listening to archived audio recordings and some of the first hand stories, the pair spent a couple of nights inside the aircraft, armed with recording equipment. They captured a number of mechanical sounds… sounds (it was claimed) that were difficult to attribute to either the building cooling down or the aircraft settling. In trying to identify some of the strange sounds, Gwyn and Ivan took an ex Lincoln air crew to visit the infamous aircraft and introduced them to a few of the recorded noises. Phil Pritchett, Gareth Lewis and Peter Palma even claimed to be able to identify a few of the individual sounds – attributing them to actions that would be tyically carried out by a pilot and his crew in preparation for (and during) flight. The first known incident involving the plane

How do I get in touch with the Paranormal in my home if my house is not haunted?

this sounds crazy but i wanna get in touch with the spirits in my own hhouse and I wamma do it today


This is part two to the swamp episode where we actually arrive at the slaughter house….and weird stuff begins to happen. Butch – Ivan –


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Haunted Places In PA Visit Jasons Woods One of the most haunted places in PA. Haunted hayrides and haunted houses and a ton of great halloween fun starts Friday Oct. 1st and runs through Sunday Oct. 31st. –

The Haunted Twin City Opera House Welcomes you

Come and investigate Ohio’s most haunted location The Twin City Opera House in McConnellsvile. We the Central Ohio Ghost Squad are hosting these investigations. So check it out at trust me one night here and you will not be dissapointed.

Awfully Haunted – Episode 3 – The Search For Viagra

Joanna and Bam Bam conduct a seance to find Viagra Falls

Derek D. Derekson’s Extremely Haunted Houses From The Deepest, Darkest Depths of Hell

WARNING: CONTAINS VERY STRONG LANGUAGE AND SCENES OF VIOLENCE. Acclaimed presenter and medium Derek D. Derekson leads his team around the most chin chilling, turd curdling extremely haunted houses from the deepest, darkest depths of hell in this innovative and original paranormal series. “It’s so scary it’ll make the hair stand up on the back of your bollocks!” – Derek D. Derekson.

Haunted House Video

I took my camera to Highgrove house in middlesex UK. I filmed the whole house but didnt find anything

Awfully Haunted – Episode 4 – The Luigi Board

Joanna and Bam Bam do the Oujia Board to see who’s been haunting him

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