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Do strange things happen around you?

Do strange things happen around you?. Do things happen that you can’t explain? Do you think that you see dead people? Do you think that dead people can see you? Alchemy, Altered States of Consciouness, Astral Projection, Big Foot, The Bermuda Triangle, Crop Circles, Cryptozoology, Demons, Devils, Dracula, Dragons, Dreams, Empathic, ESP, Ghosts, Government Projects, Hauntings, The Jersey Devil, Loch Ness Monster, Lucifer, Magick, Mind Control, Monsters, Mothman, Mysteries, Near Death Experiences, Necronomicon, Nostradamus, The Occult, Poltergeists, Psychic Abilities, Remote Viewing, Satanic Cults, Spirits, Super Race, Tarot Cards, Telekinetic, Unicorns, Vampires, Voodoo, Werewolves, Witchcraft, Zombies, etc.
TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK !!!!! This is a poll question used for those of you that may want or need to discuss or have any comments or stories that you want to share… Who knows we might even learn something. Remember the truth is out there somewhere … I THINK…..

What are some paranormal (unexplained) things that happen in the universe?

I’m looking for stuff which is proven but unexplained. Not for ghost stories!
Of course the universe includes the Earth!

Does paranormal activity happen more often, the closer we are to Halloween?

I know Halloween is high up there in the witches’ “holidays”, if you will. Perhaps the closer we get to it, there are more malevolent spirits and other strange goings on that we hear about or witness.

Abracadabra Halloween Costumes (Halloween Episode pt. 1–Make It Happen Now!)

Think Halloween’s just for kids? Not anymore! Step up your crazy/sexy/cool costume game at Abracadabra Superstore in NYC and find the perfect thing to wear for Halloween (along with anything else you need). Looking for a mannequin that vomits into a garbage bin? Abracadabra’s got it! Looking for that hard to find Cleopatra costume? Abracadabra’s got it! Want to get your gory make-up done? Abracadabra again! And where else are you going to find “liquid ass”?? See why “all the adults are doing it” and so should you!

why do scary spooky sounds always happen at 3am?

it seems like scary spooky noises and feelings happen between 2am-430am. does anyone know why?

What would happen to ghosts and things like that when the world ends?

Jus keep hearing about 2012 and ghosts so my mind wondered and stopped on this question. strange description, i know, but its a real question and im lookin 4 a real answer.

Why does paranormal activity always happen to White people?

I have seen a lot of the discovery Channel shows and some movies based on paranormal activity. All the time, there is a White person getting haunted.

Asians, Hispanics, Indians (India), Middle Eastern people and us Blacks do not have to experience that type of stuff.

Do ghosts just find it fun to bother White people?

What happen to ghosts when the thing they haunt is destroyed?

Just curious about what are the theories paranormal specialist have come up with. I don’t really believe in ghosts but I don’t rule out the possibility entirely.

How on earth did this happen– spooky is it not?

Barb Bush and I do not know one another. My feelings of sorrow are with her for reasons most of you know. Now, my family and friends know my feelings on old George. I got a birthday card from Barbara Bush. There was no birthday present, just a card. Is somebody pulling a prank on me? The return address was the White House. Is this not spooky?

How do atheists explain ghosts, the paranormal, the satanic voodoos that actually happen to people?

If satan exists, then God surely does too! I have seen many things that science cannot explain. I have relatives who partake in voodoo stuck, spiritualism stuff and I’m pretty sure that others have seen some stuff too. I’ve heard actual accounts of satanic attacks! What is up with that atheists? It’s not just in movies, it also happens in real life especially in areas where that stuff gets practiced on the regular!

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