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Looking for horror movie where two girls stand in the hallway.?

I am not into horror movies, but I have seen the reference from a certain horror film many times, and I would like to know where it originated from.

It’s two young twin girls standing in a hallway, do you know where its from?
Where in the film does it appear?

Kennedy and Billy – Bully in the Hallway – Advice EP 2010

Kennedy and Billy work on some intense editing during Bully in The Hallway’s “Advice EP” recording session at Phantom Manor

Air Drums with Jannotta – Bully in the Hallway – Advice EP 2010

Jannotta’s quality control was in full force during Bully in the Hallway’s “Advice EP” recording session at Phantom Manor

Jannotta plays the drums – Bully in the Hallway – new EP 2010

Jannotta warms up Phantom Manor before Bully in the Hallway records its new mini EP.

hallway ghost.wmv

a real fake ghost

north shore paranormal 4-1 hallway #1

Lots of activity. this is the floor up from the one i live. the house has a dark and haunted history but feelings and evidence have gone astray in the past years. this is what i have caught recently… 3 seconds, orb upper right 10 seconds, 2 orbs, upper left to low center 28 seconds, middle top to low center 38 seconds, upper left to low right 44 seconds, across top left to right 50 seconds, center, left to right 1:00, lower left to upper right 1:21, small orb left to right 1:33, top to bottom 1:37, slow big orb left to right 1:43, large orb left to low middle 1:46, top to bottom 1:50, 2 orbs chasing upper left to lower right 2:00, large orb top to bottom 2:32, low center to upper right 2:40,upper left to mid right 2:50, upper left to lower right 4:00, across top left to right 4″08, same* 5:10-15…orbs 5:27, top left to right 5:48, upper left to right 6:10, upper center tomid right 6:22, dust??? 6:48, maybe dust? low center to upper left 7:14, low left to right.

real Ghost in 3rd floor hallway video

Strange noises kept coming from our 3rd floor. We don’t use the third floor much because it has never been updated. My wife was getting concerned but every time I investigated it nothing was there. The sounds of someone pacing up and down the stairs got worse and worse. I decided to put a camera at the bottom of the stairs. After only two nights I got this footage. I didn’t believe in ghosts but now…I guess I have to. ***The Creek ( hit DVD October 28th. Put us in your Netflix and Blockbuster online queues!!!

Hallway breaths and door caught on ghost hunt

This footage was caught by our paranormal team collecting evidence at a haunted location. This is the same location as the “EVP caught in a haunted basement” video. After reviewing all the evidence we are confident there is an active ghost making it’s presence known.

Phantom Manor Endless Hallway…

The Endless Hallway of Phantom Manor

Real Haunted House in Salem, MA – Black entity in hallway levitates

Disturbing possible “shadow person” or demon haunts 200 year old house in Salem. Watch the end, it appears to fly up and away.

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