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TAPS: “Warwick City Hall 1” – Ghost Hunters BR (Caçadores de fantasmas)

Caçadores de fantasmas vão investigar a Prefeitura de Warwick, onde há relatos de fenômenos paranormais. Legendado em português, parte 1.

Octagon Hall Investigaton Part 1 of 3

The Clarksville Ghost Hunters investigate the Octagon hall.

MH 5×9 Samlesbury Hall Pt 2

Most Haunted 5×9 Samlesbury Hall

MH 5×7 Chough Hall Hotel Pt 3

Most Haunted 5×7 Chough Hall Hotel

MH 5×7 Chough Hall Hotel Pt 2

Most Haunted 5×7 Chough Hall Hotel

5×13 – Annesley Hall Pt 1

Most Haunted – 5×13 – Annesley Hall

Memorial Hall

EVP Session in The Concert Hall of the Historic Stanley Hotel

Miskatonic Paranormal Society investigates the historic Stanley Hotel in Estes Park CO. EMF spikes were captured during this EVP session, in what appears to be an intelligent haunting by a child.

MH 3×02 Moresby Hall pt.1

some idiot tried recording it with a camera so the quality is off but see able

Most Haunted S06 E21 Smithills Hall 5×5

ghostly encounters at smithills hall

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