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I need to make a “green” Halloween costume?

I;m going to a halloween party where the theme is “green”. The costume I wear has to be homemade, reused or made out of recycled stuff. There is a best costume contest and I want to win it. I need a really clever (but easy) idea. Preferably, I’d like to make it myself. Anything helps!

how can i make a halloween costume like the little green aliens from Toy Story?

What Lies Beneath- The Sea-Floor Glows Green at Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

Monitoring the sea floor at the Gulf of Mexico Oil spill. August 23rd 2010. Lots happening tonight and I’ve put this simple video up to try audio for the first time. Pretty rubbish as I had the V Festival on. Anyway, strange green glowing blob tonight giving an eerie glow to the proceedings.

The Haunted Green and Walker Buildings at Central State Hospital in Milledgeville

Central State Hospital Paranormal expert Midas Wilder surveys the haunted Green and Walker Buildings on the grounds of the legendary lunatic asylum.

The Green Ghoul

Brand- New Music Video From The Burnt Vegetables!

High green ghost hunters so1 ep1 (2).MP4

Scrap Faggot Green

NOT anything offensive about gays, just to clarify! Another true ghost story by JH Brennan, read by the astounding Richard O’Brien.

Green Screen Paranormal Promo

We are revamping the website at the moment and this is my first attempt at green screen chroma keying with Sony Vegas. I think it turned out pretty good but feel free to rate it and let me know what you think. You can visit the website at

Is there any paranormal relationship between the colors yellow, green, red, and blue?

Me and my friends have run into paranormal occurrences using these colors specifically, do you know any reasons why?

Green Man Halloween Prop

At the Las Vegas trade show, this prop was awesome. You can find more Sexy Halloween here.

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