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Looking for some games to do for a 2nd grade Halloween party, any ideas?

what are some good halloween games for a 6th grade class?

i am doing a halloween party for a 6th grade class and i wanted to know if you know any good, fun games and activities for their age group.?

Best Halloween Games for a 4th grade party?

What are the very best games for the kids to have a great time?

Whats are good recipce and games for a 5th grade halloween party and there not babys so dont make stuiped stuf?

I need some ideas quick there will be guys and girls and a bonfire

I need ideas for a 4th grade halloween party. Any games, food, craft or activity ideas would be great!?

I don’t know what school to go to for 10th grade (I’m a girl)?

I don’t know what school to go to. I would like to go to a school with uniforms (they look cool, and you don’t get bullied about what you wear. I like to act, take photos, read/write (I am writing a book on I want to learn about cryptozoology (the study of animals that are not scientifically proven to exist) and I would also like to be a vet. I live in FL any comments would be nice please no cussing/cursing thanks for the help, I have been home-schooled almost my whole life.
I do not want to go to private school as I will have to pay/pay more and might not see my family and friends (I might not see a lot of my old friends either way) by the way I am a Christian.
…..I would like to know a name of a school I could go to….

7th grade halloween party games?

7th graders all girls and some highschool family members

for 8th grade which halloween costume would make people laugh more?

me and my friend, were both girls, are known for doing outgoing but hilarious things. so for halloween should we dress up as 2 of the jonas brothers or 2 m&m cru fans. or should we do m&m cru verses team selena and demi.

Is a horror movie considered grade A due to shock value?

If not then what are pointers of a good horror movie?

What are some good short horror books on an 8th grade level, possibly 9th grade?

I need some ideas of books to read because I don’t have anything interesting to read now and I like horror or mystery books. As long as its good. I really don’t like adventure or fantasy. The Twilight Series or Harry Potter Series are pretty good, but I’m too lazy to read the whole book. By the way, don’t give me R.L. Stine because my teacher says I should be reading at a harder level since my level is higher than normal. So any suggestions??

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