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im going to have a halloween party on halloween. but i need help planing games and stuff.?

on halloween i want to have a killer party! i already know that it going to be a dance party but i have no idea what game i want to play. I cant paly spin the bottle cuz my mom dosent aprove. What kind of games do you think will be fun to play? (were not little kids and no kissing games) thnx!!

I am going to be a cat for halloween…I have to make the costume?

i am 13
and have to make my halloween costume
I need help on some way i can make a VERY cheap but a cool kitty costume
Greatly apprecaites :]

I am going to a horror theme party in march and i need costume ideas.?

I need some ideas of what i can go as to my friends 21st birthday horror theme party. I want to look scary and horrible. Any costume &/or character ideas?

What will horror movies look like in 20 years down the road going at our current rate?

Also, are these types of fictional movies replacing the horrors of actual war?

Is the movie Paranormal activity no longer going to play in theatres after thursday?

I live in san antonio texas and my friend mentioned that after thursday (10/13/09) they wont play it in san antonio anymore…Is this true?

Going Extinct

i love Tasmanian Tigers, they are just cool anmals and are considered “extinct” even with hundreds of sightings since they went extinct 30 years ago i like to study cryptozoology so this creature is just plain fasinating to me these video clips i found online of the some of the last ones held in capitivity the song is Going Under by Evanescence (previous version was flagged, any comment pertaining to old song is deleted, sorry)

Should I watch the film before going to the stage show of Rocky Horror???

theater is still making it interactive by passing out a prop bag to everyone, and I think people still dress up in the audience?

Are you going to use these materials to make your Halloween Costume?


One year I made a sorcerer’s costume out of unused plastic garbage/trash/bin bags and packaging tape. It was a cheap costume, and it won me a costume contest. I was wondering if anyone is going to dress up in a costume made of the mentioned materials.


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I’m going to a rocky horror night and i need help!?

What should i wear? i don’t know if i can get a constume this late, since i am going in a couple of days. I know every word to the movie, every seen, and i already know what props i need. But i need help on clothes. I think i am going to base my look off of magenta, but what could i wear? and how can i do my hair like hers?( my hair doesn’t touch my shoulders…) I NEED HELP!
oh and is there a reason why you shouldn’t wear stripes to a rocky horror night?
yeah, i know the makeup part, similar to how i do my makeup anyhow :)

good idea with the dress :)

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