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Can you guys give me some horror classic movie titles I might enjoy?

But don’t give me these horror classics because I’ve seen them/have them:

Silence of the lambs
The texas chainsaw massacre (1974)
the shining
all the Chucky movies
Stephen King’s It
A nightmare on Elm Street (original)

remember they have to be horror classics. Like movies in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.

Can you give me some ideas for a Horror Story?

I need some ideas for a school project, to write a horror story.
Maybe set in school after hours or something with the one/two main character/s aged 13/14.

It would really help me alot if you were to spare some ideas.
Thank You!

Can somebody please give me a list of horror films?

Here’s the catch: I don’t want them to be regular stabbing horror films. They have to have to do with killer animals, aliens, monsters, or ghosts. PLEASE no Halloween or Scream. Those movies get on my nerves.
Thank you to all!

Could somebody give me some idea for a horror story?

I need an idea for horror story that will be set in a boarding school. I would be very grateful if i could i get some ideas.

What words give you a sense of horror?

In a poem, what words do you think would conjure up horror images that would frighten you?

Can someone give me a 2 page horror story that is not published?

It has to have literary elements (similies, metaphors, alliteration, personification, idioms, onomatopoeias). Just one of each. It can be horror, mystery, fear, or suspense.


The icy winter wind blew in, sweeping a trail of autumn leaves into the night air as Leina trudged along the cracked footpath. The city glowed below like trapped fireflies, the secret of its tall walls and neon lights a mystery to her. She leant over the bridge and gazed into the river. Its ripples sparkled silver with shards of moonlight. Somewhere in the distance, a loud car engine roared monstrously, shattering the pristine silence. Several gunshots followed. Leina pulled herself away from the railing and chastised herself.

Matron’s warning echoed ominously in her mind. Be back at the orphanage by eleven if you want to see tomorrow. She hastened her footsteps, her ears terse for any sound as an eerie silence enveloped her. The hairs on her neck pricked. Looking around nervously, she searched for any shadows in the darkness. A sudden cold breeze blew in, howling like the song of ghosts. She drew her breath in slowly, trying to calm herself down as her heart pounded hard against her chest. She looked behind over her shoulder. Nothing, nothing there, she reassured herself and drew her shawl in tighter.
She turned her head back around.

A sharp gasp constricted in her throat as a figure moved forward rapidly and knocked her forcefully onto the ground. A deafening whoosh pierced the air and a piece of metal ricocheted violently off the railing. Sparks shot in all directions, as Leina shut her eyes tight, her arms wrapped around her head. She panted in horror, her ears pounding. Only a second before had she been standing where the bullet had hit. She propped herself up on her elbows and looked fearfully around; her attention caught by the glinting of the spiral bullet metres away as the dark figure pulled her up, his strong hands crushing her fragile ones. He dragged her forward forcefully and shoved her to a gap in the bridge railing.

“What are you doing?!” Leina yelled, her eyes darting around manically. The figure pulled out what appeared to be several four-pointed metal stars .With a flick of his wrist he sent them all spinning swiftly into the darkness. “Jump now!” he bellowed, pushing her towards the edge of the bridge, his back turned against her like a shield. Leina hesitated as she looked down at the river again, dazed, her head spinning, though the hint of urgency in his voice convinced her otherwise. Leina inched her foot over the edge…and slipped…
Darkness intermingled with light blurred blindingly as Leina grasped around her for anything to slow her plummet. Her dark brown curls caught in her mouth, drowning out her scream. She glimpsed in disbelief through watering eyes as a trickle of sand began to spin beside her, gathering speed as it thickened. Not a moment later, the sandstorm dissipated and the figure materialized next to her, his shocking azure eyes focused steadily at the river below them. His pupils suddenly contracted, as white pearly rings began to form around them, his expression lifeless and unearthly. With a sudden thrust of his palm against their fall, Leina felt their plummet slow somewhat; the distance between them and the river wasn’t so dangerous anymore.

Eternity encapsulated in a second, Leina watched in silent trepidation as the figure appeared to grab at air in his fist and hurled it sideways, his eyes strained and glossy. She felt her body jerk abruptly to the left. Her head spun with nausea as she stared down at the concrete approaching them, its cracks and holes strangely magnified. She could distinguish the individual fibres of the mosses growing in the cracks so clearly, as though she were looking through a microscope. She gingerly reached her hand out to touch it but the concrete broke away from her vision as the figure pulled something invisible towards him.

Leina slammed into the ground. A sudden crack and a jolting pain shot up and down her leg. The crescent moon swam in and out of view dizzyingly.

The figure landed steadily on both feet. “Get in the car”, he ordered firmly. His voice exuded a sovereign strength that Leina irresistibly obeyed, despite the throbbing pain in her left leg. She picked herself up and stumbled clumsily to the Reventón waiting nearby. There was no time to admire its lustrous midnight black sheen. She had only clambered into the seat when the figure pumped on the acceleration and the car propelled forwards as fast as the speed of light.
“What the hell is going on?” Leina yelled and brought her arms down on the dashboard with a thud. The figure was oblivious to her display of aggression. “Everything will be explained later,” he replied in a monotone as he expertly manoeuvred the car. Another gunshot pierced the air and he abruptly swerved the car to the right; the windscreen shattered into a million splinters in a split-second. Leina instinctively threw her arms over herself in anticipation of the slicing sting.

But it didn’t come.

A sudden rush of energy radiated and miraculously blew the g

What are some of the best thriller/horror movies? For the best answer ill give 5 stars! ?

A movie where there’s a good mother – kid relationship involved, and then something goes wrong. it can be horror or thiller. where the kids life is in danger and there’s drama. something like that. ive already seen prey, amytville horror, panic room, flightplan, the grudge, the ring, ring 2, the messengers, im looking for the perfect movie, that ISNT old.

Can anyone give me some ideas for halloween party games please?

For girls and boys aged 9-10 years old thank you x

Can somone give me a film review of paranormal activity without copying from the other websites?

Paranormal activity 1 & 2.

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