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I don’t know what school to go to for 10th grade (I’m a girl)?

I don’t know what school to go to. I would like to go to a school with uniforms (they look cool, and you don’t get bullied about what you wear. I like to act, take photos, read/write (I am writing a book on I want to learn about cryptozoology (the study of animals that are not scientifically proven to exist) and I would also like to be a vet. I live in FL any comments would be nice please no cussing/cursing thanks for the help, I have been home-schooled almost my whole life.
I do not want to go to private school as I will have to pay/pay more and might not see my family and friends (I might not see a lot of my old friends either way) by the way I am a Christian.
…..I would like to know a name of a school I could go to….

How do you make a halloween costume of that girl from the ring(The movie)?)She came out of the T.V.)?

I need to find out how to be the girl that came from the well in The Ring.I need to be the scaryist person of all my friends.I already have blank white eyes that im gonna wear(I use them to scare the sixth graders, I’m so evil)cause there contacts.But i need to find out what to wear and how to get a wig that will hang over my face and will look wet .I also no that im gonna rub dirt into whatever im wearing

Which horror movie can I watch with a girl?

I’m looking for a horror movie to watch with a girl. A think you can guess the context of the situation… I think she likes me and we are dating this weekend, she proposed to watch a horror movie at my place… Any recomendations?

What are some good games to play at a Halloween birthday party for a 13 year old girl?

I am having a party in 1 week and need some game ideas for girls 12-13 years old! It is a Halloween heme, so the games need to be Halloween related! Thanks SO much!
I also am inviting about 50 people, if this helps

Help I have 3 days to make a halloween costume and i can’t buy a full costume i am a 14 yr old girl?

Help I have 4 days to make a halloween costume and i can’t buy a full costume i am a 14 yr old girl?
Please nothing dorky and if you could tell me how to make it i am very handy with a sewing machine and i live in tennessee so nothing to skimpy
Book Characters are good but be specific and if possible show me a picture

What are some cool games for a teen girl halloween party?

I am having a halloween birthday sleepover party but i dont have many ideas. Its a girl sleepover and i dont have any good ideas for games and fun! Any one got any ideas? x
I am going to watch a movie but i also need some ideas for scairy movies?!

hope someone can help me!
I am going to be 14 and there are going to be 13-14 year olds at the party :)

how do i make a teen girl chicken halloween costume?

i want to be a chicken for halloween and i’m not allowed to buy a costume so i have to make it. i was thinking of for the red head part to make it out of red fabric and attach it to a headband, and for the body a white dress (attach feathers?) and then wear orange tights for the legs/feet. anyone have ideas how i can do this?! please i don’t have that much time!

How to make a diy halloween costume for a teen girl?

me and a friend want a good diy halloween costume that’s like a devil or some thing. if you can come up with any other good ideas feel free to share. Also we need “props” for the costume so please lst where to buy in the rochester ny area. thx for ur help!!
I also want 2 know halloween make up ideas not alot though!!!!!

Would any girl actually like me?

well this question might be a little wierd, and please don’t judge me for it, im not one of those miserable guys searching for a girfriend anywhere, I just want to know. Please don’t think of me as wierd.
Well, here are my characteristics and experiences:
I love horror movies, some people criticize me for it, and saying that I will be a serial killer one day, but I hate the thought of killing someone, and unlike other people im not one of the “bad kids” I don’t do anything bad, I try to be the best in my classes, Im kind of a nerd, but not total, the reason i like horror is for the speacial FX, horror is one of the genres that you can forgive in the special fx part, well in my book though.
People call me Gay because most of my friends are guys, its not really my fault, I associate myself with girls in my school, but I get nervous around them because of the way I look, im afraid that if i say hi they will just look at me and walk away. It’s actually happened before, and im so ashamed of it. I have brown hair, but it looks more black, I have brown eyes, and im alittle chubby, but I go to a gym and are currently losing it, I weigh less than 120 pounds, I don’t watch TV often, I play video games rarely, but I have a tyroid problem which causes me to be alittle chubby, but able to lose it. I not a video game person, but I will rush to the TV if an Xbox 360 with Halo 3 is in my precense. lol umm unlike a lot of guys, im not a perv I respect girls, and don’t think negative about them. Iam about to give 2 sinerios that are infact REAL, and my actual responses.
1. I was playing runescape, and a friend and I were going to verock so he could give me gold, and he stopped to try and hit on a girl, then more people followed, while i repeatedly appologize to the girl for my friend’s horrible manners.

2. While I was walking home from school, a kid told me about this girl in class, and told me “hey, suppose you and her were naked, and she spread her legs out and said do me, would you do her” (Yes its gross I know) I replied, “im not answering that” he told me, “just say it” I said yes, just so he would not call me gay or something, but I would have said no, if this kid was more, mature or something.

In class during a play for Language arts I brought a freddy Krueger glove, because I was the bad guy, and this girl saw it and said that Im wierd, which to me is very hurtful. Also I enjoy the company of girls but, when their mature and understanding, this other girl, always rubbs my hair, because im one of the only guys who
Is not bald
Does not have an afro
Does not have a Mohawk (I hate Mohawks)
and while she is doing that, she always calls me her little serial killer, which gets on my entire nerves, and is also hurtful to me.
Im an artist though, I love to make masks, and props, I made a Predator costume and A ton of people wanted to take photos with me, it was fun.
Oh yeah, those guys that call me gay, because most of my friends are boys, well ALL OF THEIR FRIENDS ARE BOYS! But girls think their the “cool kids” and I sometimes feel left out.
I took a little step back from playing runescpae, I still play it occasionally, anyways my screen name on runscape is: Barricade126
I play Violin and Piano, and alittle of guitar.

Anyone have any easy to make homemade Halloween costume ideas for a girl who wants to be scary?

I’m a single mom on a tight budget but my daughter wants to go as something scary, anyone have any affordable ideas?
She’s 11, a tomboy, not very girly. For example last year she went as a zombie/skeleton with guts hanging out. lol.

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