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What are some games/activities for a boy/girl halloween party?

30 people.
At my house.
We have access to the patio and the grass area behind my house.
We already have truth or dare and movies, but I need other things to do. Most of the stuff I found online was too dorky for a boy/girl party. [If it was just my girl pals, it would be a different story.]
What should we do?

What games/activities should I do for a High school Halloween party?

I don’t want little kids games like “Make a monster” or anything baby-ish. This is for highschoolers, like myself, who don’t want to be treated like a child. I just want people to have fun and for the party not to be a dud. I’m 15 and some of my friends are older than me. None of my friends are younger than me. Oh! And its a costume party.

Halloween party games/activities for small children?

We are having a family Halloween party in a few days and I need ideas for party games or activities.
It will be a small party (just the 4 of us. My 2 daughters, my husband and I) and they have to be relatively simple games or activities that a 6 and 7 year old can understand.
Here is the catch though…it has to be something I can create from stuff I already have at home.
It is an all-day party. Here is what I have so far: Making Halloween crafts together with construction paper, carving pumpkins, playing Charades, Pictionary, Password (all with Halloween themes), and watching scary movies in the evening.
They will also help me with the preparation of our Halloween dinner (we have some spooky foods to make) and some punch and snacks.
Any other ideas for simple games or activities? Thanks!

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