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i need cheap halloween kid party game ideas?

my daughter is having a party and i want it to be perfect but i have a budget! please give me game ideas or recipes. my daughter is 9
where can i get a halloween pinyata?

I really need a few halloween party game ideas for over 18 years of age and up!?

Halloween party, good game prizes?

I’m having a Halloween party with a few friends, coworkers, and such…

We can get pretty wild but I have some games planned and I’d like there to be prizes so I need a few ideas for adults ages 20-30, any sugestions?

Senior Halloween Party: game ideas and cool costume suggestions?

Sorry about the thumbs down folks, not from me. Some people have nothing better to do than be rude.

What was the funnest game you played as a child (between 5-10) at a Halloween Party?

I’m looking for some fun games for a Halloween Party I am having for my kids and some of thier friends (ages 5-10)..suggestions?

Halloween party game ideas?!?

me and my friend are throwing a party of about 20-25 people. we dont know what to do for games! we know we want something to do with whipped cream. (:
we also want to have a penalty for the people that dont dress up but we cant think of anything!

What are some Halloween themed birthday party game ideas?

My party is tomorrow and I need some ideas cause I can’t think of anything and I am turning 12

fun halloween party game?

Hi, So I am having a small halloween party for 12 adults- all couples. Some know eachother some dont. my house is small so we will all be kind of on top of eachother and I want to be able to break the ice quickly. I need some ideas for a FUN ice breaker – halloween themed- party game! I dont wana go all board gamey or anything but … I dont know what i want. ANy ideas?

any clever halloween party game ideas?

for older adults, nice crowd, no drinking, eating contests…thoughtful games that get people acquainted…

Kid’s Halloween Party, game improvement ideas?

I’m doing this event at my local Recreation Center, hundreds of kids come every year to do game/craft stations run by volunteers. My station is a tall orange board with witches hats (three) and a pair of orange and black tights that kids will be throwing balls into, and they fall out the bottom, then they get a piece of candy when they have thrown all of their balls.

Do you have any ideas what else I could use for hoops? I’m having troubles thinking of anything else but a cardboard-funnel shape.

I will give 10 points for best answer.

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