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What’s a funny halloween costume a teen can make?

Me and my friend are trying to come up with a funny halloween costume? Any ideas?

FuNnY SeA AnImAlS!!!

LOL i hope

What is an easy funny Halloween costume that i could make?

I am 11 years old and Halloween is in 6 days and i don’t have a costume yet. so i need ideas for ones that are funny and easy to make and instructions on how to make them.

funny skeleton candy bowl

Halloween props here


2 little kids dancing to halloween music

Most Haunted Live: Funny AAA Bits

These are funny bits from a few Most Haunted Lives Access All Areas…enjoy :D :D

What could I name a stupid funny horror movie?

I am trying to make a fake movie trailer but I don’t know what to name it. The movie title must include humor and something kinda scary. This is going to be a stupid funny horror trailer. It can be similar to the one that was shown on iCarly ( The Blowing ). Please help. Thank you!

What’s so funny about being a fan of horror movies?

I was talking to someone about movies and they asked what kind I like and I said I like all kinds but my favorite is horror and they just started laughing. What’s funny about being a fan of horror movies? I didn’t ask them since I didn’t want them to think I cared that they were laughing.

Funny Halloween Pranks

some funny halloween pranks.

Drunk Woman Falls onto Train Tracks Funny Accident lucky escape caught on CCTV

Download Thriller for FREE Free Ez Icarus Remix on BBP Recordings Free Halloween Music Track from Ez Icarus – Evil Lurks on BreakBeat Paradise – Listen & Download it Now for FREE A drunk woman smoking on a subway platform stumbles and falls onto train tracks, bystanders try to stop the fast oncoming subway train which comes close to crushing the woman. Very very lucky close escape. Footage courtesy of Surveillance videos at North Station in Boston USA

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