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I’m having a Halloween party and my friends said they wanted little activities and games?

So like I’m definitely going to have a hide and seek or a tag game something like sardines (if you know what that game is…) but I don’t know what else? There’s probably going to be about 15 people there so…? any ideas?
10 points goes to whoever can give me (a) good idea(s) and how to play it to just something to do with these people that’s really fun and maybe possibly Halloween related

oh and we r probably going to already tell ghost stories :)

My 3 friends and I want to make a halloween costume, suggestions?

We’re all girls and we’d like something cute looking please. k, thanks (:

what is a good horror movie for a hotel night with friends?

im going to st.augustine for a field trip for 3 days and two nights at a hotel. I wanted to watch a scary movie at night with my friends. what are some good horror movies to watch?

Friends pressuring me into watching horror movies?

I am 14 and me and my friends are going to have a sleepover. The thing is, they want to watch horror movies in the middle of the night, like “Saw”.
I don’t really like horror movies and they scare me but i don’t want to be seen as a wuss; like, make excuses not to go to the sleepover.
What should i do? Should i tell them i just don’t want to watch it? Or just watch it and be scared?
If you think i should make up excuses, could you tell me some believeable ones?

Is there another Horror Anime where friends kill or hurt eachother and others?

I’d like an anime where friends end up killing or hurting eachother, out of paranoia or jealousy like in Higurashi no naku koro ni. By the way, I’ve already seen:
Higurashi no naku koro ni
School Days
Elfen Lied(if it counts)
Kimi ga Nozomu Eien(though not all of it)

Oh yeah, and I don’t want anything like Gungrave, I just want a good Horror Anime that is VERY similar to Higurashi no naku koro ni or School Days(although not just at the ending)

I want to make a halloween costume party invitation for my spanish friends. any good ideas?

halloween party invitations ideas in spanish words.


Halloween is a special time for the children and parent at school every year. My grandniece Kimchi joy’s with all her friend’s in her classroom for some Halloween cheer. They traded Halloween gifts such as candies treat and Halloween cards amongst everyone. The parent helped prepare all the Halloween eat’s. The sing and dance, a Halloween stories or two. This how our children celebrated this October 31st,2009 Halloween. written by Aunt Sharon – created at

Im Having a Halloween party Today and need help for some games me and my friends could play?

Halloween party. Need more GAmes to play, any Halloween Suggestions?

Paranormal: Can I and my friends become investigators or anything of that sort?

We are majorily 15-17 year old High School Students. We have all been itching to discover the Paranormal. Like our Fav. Show Ghost Adventures. We live in Ohio….and there are PLENTY of places here. How can we do this. We’ve already researched everything we need to know to do this. Anything will help. Also is there a willing Paranormal person on here, that I can keep in contact with? I want to read some expiriences off of Yahoo Answers, and just info.

message to friends and fans 2-2

a message to friends and fans

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