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me and my friend are having a halloween party and we want it to be the best/scariest what are some scary games?

we need very scary games to play and we need to no how to make the party very scary

My friend is experiencing some confusing signals in a paranormal sense?

I have a friend who swears that he hears the wind screaming at him, answering his questions, and ultimately communicating with him. What could this represent?
He isn’t crazy. Other spirits have contacted him in the past and all have lead him to a new point of enlightenment. This has to represent something.

I want to surprise my horror film fanatic friend in NYC with something to do. Any suggestions?

He loves horror films. It doesn’t have to be a film festival. It could be a museum of horror or anything of that sort. I don’t really know. Help.

Thank You.

Me and my friend making a mini horror film; ?

any ideas what it could be about? we want it t be really spooooookyyyyyyy & scary;

we dont have any props we cpuld use apart from:

my bed,
my teddy lol
weird make up
weird hair styles
the dark
bathroom + stuff you generally find in it
stairs (my house is a three story house – i have my own on suite and stairs so we could use thatttt too

any ideas what it could be about thugh?


Akashic Record Psychic Past Life Reading For Friend of Trees – Medium Sunshine Rose

my friend and i need some ideas for our haunted maze. can you help?

Ok, so here’s the deal. My friend’s father is having a Halloween party, and the 2 of us (her and I) are in charge of creating a haunted maze in the front 2 rooms of the house. We’ve got some pretty good ideas on things to draw. The problem is with figuring out what to color/paint it with. There will be about 5 blacklights within the area used as our main source of light. The only other light will be that of a strobe in the far corner. So, I guess what I’m wanting is some help with what kinds of paints and stuff like that we could use that will react with the blacklights. Please help us.
by the way, we’ve tried to google it, and we’ve done many yahoo searches on it also. we’re just kind of stumped at the moment.

What is a good halloween prank i can play on my friend when she sleeps over tomorrow night?

My friend is sleeping round on Halloween ( a girl) and i reallly want a good prank THAT WON’T HURT HER or cost money to do but that will scare her
Any ideas? Thanks!

Tonight me and my friend want to go somewhere EXTREMELY haunted that is near the Pittsburgh ?

We want to find somewhere haunted that will scare us and we don’t have to pay. Somewhere 100% haunted , no fake stuff.

Story of my friend haunted house

This was the real or not real but it did happen in my neighbors house..this was made couple of students in this real haunted house who people lived before and where it actual happen who told the students what really happen before

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