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Our Four Sacred Thunderbirds

The first Peyote song I’ve ever heard that is in english….strange

Four questions for you on the paranormal?

1. Why do or don’t you believe?
2. What are your ghosts stories? (If you haven’t had one, what’s your favorite one?)
3. What topic of the paranormal interests you the most?
Example: Ghosts, psychics, UFOs, mystical creatures, and any other things related.
4. What do you believe is the most haunted location?

Thanks, I asked so many questions because I wanted some variety.

What are three or four simple and inexpenives tools would be a good start for paranormal investigators ?

Mostly for ghost hunting.

Most Haunted – Queen Mary2 Part Four

Queen Mary2. Copyright of Antix Productions.

all four mini halloween props jason micheal freddy chucky

all of them from gemmy

Hallam FM, Paranormal Investigation. Part Four. The Barnsley Paranormal Society.

The Barnsley Paranormal Society Investigate Sheffield’s Number One Radio Station : Hallam FM!

Most Haunted – Queen Mary1 Part four

Queen Mary. Copyright of Antix Productions.

Believe-The Scutt Mansion-Part Four

This is PART FOUR of IPRA or The Illinois Paranormal Research Association’s season premiere of Believe. More at:

Ghost Hunters season 2, episode 4, part four

TAPS investigates a North Carolina home which may house the spirit of Andrew Johnson. Then Jason and Grant check out claims of hauntings on the battleship USS North Carolina.

Destination Truth Funniest Moments – Season 3.5 – Part Four

Footage from AusAries http

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