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What foods and drinking games could we have at an Halloween/Over-the hill birthday party?

We may have 15 or so people there and I would also like to know how to decorate the outside of my house without breaking the bank.This party will be adults only,so any suggestions you give me will be appreciated!

Games and foods how to guide for a Halloween birthday party?

ok so i already asked a question about this situation, and it helped a bit… but it would help if you could flat out write what to do. my party is in a few days and i am a last Minuet person. i got the decor, i just need food ideas and some party games. i had an idea of a candy/treasure hunt thing that involves going up to neighbors asking them if they have items, and notes hidden That lead to the treasure- which i planed to be a pinata. this is a planning thing for all u smart out there , surprise me what u come up with. answer quickly!!!
also thank u for helping me. o and just so u know im 13.

im having a halloween party games foods?? (Im 13) ?

im hosting a halloween party for my friends. so far i just know we are going to a haunted house. I want it to be fun and scary!! foodss, games we could play? a sleepover?

Will you be serving some spooky foods?

Like “blood and guts potatoes” ? ( Nigella’s recipe, foodnetwork.)

Psychic Sunshine Rose On Canned Foods & Bottled Drinks

Please buy water filter, do not drink any type of drink that comes in plastic containers. Please make fresh food, do eat foods in cans. Buy a juicer, make fresh juice.

what are some ideas for spooky snacky foods for a adult halloween costume party?

I am having an adult costume party and I need ideas for what kind of finger foods to have there. Any suggestions?

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