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my 12 year old want a scary halloween party, im looking for ideas for food and games?

I’m thinking about having a kid’s Halloween party. Any suggestions for food, games and decorations.?

Thanks in advance :-)

What would be the appropriate food for a Halloween party?

Lets say in the mere future I wanted to plan a Halloween party,
with entertainment and games.

For the buffet at the table, what food should I layout for the kids and adults at the party?

What decorations indore and out, food, and games that are cheap and cool for a halloween party with teenager?

i am haveing a halloween party what canwe do for games and drinks and food decarations thanks?

what kind of games can we play what kind of food can i put out like apptizer what kind of dectirations to put out we are haveing it in the garage help

What food and games for Halloween party?

I’m having a Halloween party this year. It’s actually on Halloween. It’s from 2:30pm-8:30pm, and we have to have time to go trick-or-treating. We’re in high school. I need some fun games to play and things to do up until trick-or-treating starts, which is usually around 6:30-ish where I live. And also good food. I’m serving snacks at the first part when the party starts, not lunch. But I am serving dinner. So I need some cool Halloween snacks and meals. I also need a punch recipie, non-alcholic. And we may also go to a haunted house, the nest probably.

So I need suggestions for snacks, meals, games/entertainment, and maybe decorations if you know some cool ones. Thanks.

I need ideas for a 4th grade halloween party. Any games, food, craft or activity ideas would be great!?

Tween-Teen Halloween Party! I need information on games, food ,everything!!!! Easy 10 points!?

Hi! Ok so for my bday party I am hosting a halloween party. I am not sure yet if it’s going to be a girl -boy party or not. annnyway :) I have chosen some decorations from spirit halloween but I still need help on:
Invitations (where can I get a pack of good halloween party invitations?)
Games (maybe apple bobbing)
Some songs for a playlist for the music playing throughout the party (Pop songs mainly, gaga, justin bieber, Ke$ha, Taio Cruz that sort of thing. a LIST of songs please
and anything else I will need at the party. NO we are not going trick or treating so please don’t suggest it!
I said TWEEN to Teen! sorry for not clarifiying but that means 12-14 year olds. No decorations no oinvites is stupid boring and not social suicide. Your obviiiously not getting best answer.

What different ideas, games, food, decorations can I use for my Halloween party?

We are about 12-14 yrs old and there is about 20ish people going to my Halloween party for 3hrs and i was wondering what kind of things to do, decorations, food, games, all for cheap and parents will accept!!!!! These are middle school kids!! boys and girls!! remember were not babies!!

What are some fun kids halloween costume party games and food ideas? This is the first one i am throwiing?


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