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The Florida Jaguarundi

A docu-short about the search for a mysterious cat. Part one of a possible series…

Part 1 Florida Skunk Ape – Animal X Classic

In Florida Bigfoot is known as the Skunk Ape. Meet the people who saw it.

What are some good paranormal teams in Florida?

I am having some serious issues in my house and I need to contact a team (I prefer via phone). I mom is trying to hire a psychic (I believe in order to expel the spirit) but I don’t think that’s a good idea seeing how this spirit is being very physical and it seems really strong. I think we should know what we’re dealing before we do something as extreme as expelling it.

Can you show your school id to prove your a florida resident to get the discount for halloween horror nights?

im going to halloween horror nights on firday and i wanna know when you buy coke zero and they say you have to have be a florida resident to get the discount with the cupon does anyone know if i could show them my school id to prove that im a florida resident.

Shooting at Florida School Board Meeting Gunman Opens Fire commits Suicide

Shooting at Florida School Board Meeting Gunman Opens Fire commits Suicide

What hotel will pick me up from Halloween Horror Nights and take me back to my hotel in Orlando, Florida?

I want to go to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios tonight, and I want to know which hotels offer to either/or pick you up and take you to/bring you back to your hotel with a type of shuttle service?

did anybody see marilyn manson and the spooky kids in fort lauderdale, florida around the early ninties?

The played at the Plus 5 lounge, squeeze, and other small clubs. If you did, you are lucky!

What kind of permits must I have in order to build and run a Haunted House in Orange County Florida?

I plan on building a Haunted House, here in Orlando Florida next year.

Paranormal state of Florida

Misterious things are happening at the Talin & Stephanie house. Discover what happens when they get curious and risk their lives to figure out what is happening in their house.

Spirit of Gold’s Scary Music in Florida

The Spirit of Gold traveld to the University of Florida for the game. We adjusted the Halloween music slightly to create our Scary Music Show.

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