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Where can I find information on a Invader Zim Gir Halloween party?

I love Gir so much and am looking for a Halloween party. I need a pinata, cake and games. I am gonna be Gir so i am having a Gir party. I need to make my own cake so just hook me up with a site please. Thank You!

Where can I find information about faeries?

All answers are welcome, but uneducated answers are less than helpful. Please give me any books or websites (especially books though) that have aided you in attaining knowledge of things such as faeries, goblins, and other related topics. Also, if anyone knows what the study of these creatures is called it would be greatly appreciated as that will help me in my search. I know that it is something along the lines of cryptozoology but it is more specific than that. For reference of the type of creatures I am speaking of refer to the children’s books “the spiderwick chronicles” for a few examples. Thank you.
Please do not leave malevolent and smart a$$ answers such as “ASK WALT DISNEY” as they are immature and bothersome. Also, I am not looking for little kid information, I am seriously interested academically in the information found in ancient folklore and only look for sources that may reveal some of this wondrous knowledge.
“I was going to suggest you looked at the bottom of your garden.” sounds far more educated than “ASK WALT DISNEY”. I apologize if my question was worded some what stuck up, as I do not wish to come across that way, I have just had bad experiences with dozens of bad answers before, and answers from people who have no idea what they are talking about. And, if I had a garden I would definitely check there. :)

PLEASE Help me find an interesting, unique speech topic?!?

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help me! I’m in grade 8 and we are starting speeches in my school. I need a very interesting topic that will interest the audience(grade 8 class) from 3-5 minutes. Some idea’s that I have are:
-The History of Halloween (a bit wierd, but will it interest my audience)
-Walt Disney or Mickey Mouse or Disney Characters (is it to baby-ish for my audience and will it take too long for me to explain in 3-5 minutes?)
-The Bermuda Triangle (there is so much information on it I’m scared the speech will be about 20 minutes long)
-Animal Rights/Cruelty (Is it too COMMON?)

P.S. I do not want things like Global Warming or very WIERD topics like ‘The History of Pens’.

I REALLY don’t know what to do, PLEACE PLEASE help?
Your answers are all greatly appreciated, thank you.

I was also thinking of Cryptozoology, but, I think it’s a bit too… wierd…?

What is the recent horror film where 2 boys find a woman chained up in a cabin in the woods?

She may or may not be a zombie, I think they fight over her, they most likely take it in turns to use her… Creepy yes, but it’s plaguing me. Thanks in advance!

Where can I find an animated picture of the ending of Paranormal Activity?

Where she gives a smile and eats the camera.

Where can I find information on the bed from the movie Paranormal Activity?

I really liked the bed from that movie and I’ve been looking EVERYWHERE online for it. Anyone know anything about it?

Are there any other Paranormal Investigators unable to find any sign of activity?

My first investigation was in the High Desert of California in 1971.
I’m much too nice and would never provoke anyone living or dead.

Where can I find a full version of Paranormal Activity with the police shooting her at the end?

I found it about two weeks ago on movshare, but they removed it so can anyone tell me where I can find it. I don’t know how to give points but I’ll try.

Where can I find full episodes of Celebrity Paranormal Project?

I looked on youtube and I can’t find anythign at all, not even like a little clip.

Where can I find music for a horror movie trailer?

I’m putting together a trailer for a horror movie for a school project and I was wondering where online I could find music suitable for a horror movie trailer.

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