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How do you feel about paranormal activity research teams (ghost chasers)?

In example, TV shows like Ghost Hunter and Most Haunted. Do you feel they just upset spirits for their own enjoyment, or do you believe they are trying to help them move on to the otherworld?

In regards to paranormal investigations, what sort of person do you feel would posess the most credibility? ?

Since there is no legitimate licensing, certification or standard for being a paranormal investigator, how would you choose who may be sincere and capable? Would you consider what line of work the (paranormal investigator) does as their regular career? Who would top your list?

How do you feel about the untold story of American workers?


January 12, 2009

by William Gheen
of Americans for Legal Immigration PAC

You take my house when you do take the prop That doth sustain my house; you take my life When you do take the means whereby I live.- William Shakespeare -The Merchant of Venice. Act iv. Sc. 1.

Across America a terrible story unfolds trapping honest and hard working Americans between the proverbial rock and a hard space. It is a story that I have gleaned from conversations with those directly impacted. It is a story I have learned from reading between the lines in the print media.

Many of America’s print media publications are now facing well deserved financial extinction due to their penchant for bias, censorship, and promotions of unpopular political positions, rather than reporting facts. No issue illustrates their heavy bias more than illegal immigration.

American readers are bombarded on a daily basis with the latest illegal alien sob stories about how illegal aliens are getting laid off, being profiled, discriminated against, or finding it harder to get licenses and government benefits from mean and hateful Americans, while the most important part of the story is conspicuously absent!

The Americans who are falling down in historic numbers are not in these articles or publications!

The propagandists at the newspapers should take heed, when I remind them of two important things. One, people read the news to learn the facts and not the asserted political positions of the paper. Two, readers look for characters in articles, as well as in movies and books, who they can identify with.

Americans are losing their wages, jobs, homes, health, and sanity in numbers unprecedented since the Great Depression, yet you will not hear their trials and troubles in your elitist newspapers. And if you do get a glimpse of the horror of your neighbors and fellow countrymen, you will most certainly never hear of what I will speak of next.

You will not hear about how illegal immigration is trapping Americans in a vise which is leading to the destruction of their lives.

I hope no one in America needs a lecture on how horrible losing your job can be when there are no other jobs available and that not being able to provide health insurance or even food for your children is a life threatening situation. Marching your belongings and loved ones out of your house in front of a Sheriff’s deputy is a story Americans are living out in larger numbers daily.

Many studies tell us that American workers work harder, longer, and more productively than many others on the planet. We are known for getting the job done and done well. Before the recent political invention of “jobs Americans won’t do” we got the houses built, the landscapes tended, the chickens plucked, and the bathrooms cleaned without 15 million illegal aliens in the country.

Here is the scenario and perspective you will not find in your newspaper that must be told to the nation.

It has long been a tradition in America for wage earners to take a menial job or an extra job, when times got tough for their individual families, a region, or during a national economic downturn.

If your husband was injured, the wife would take on an extra job waiting tables or as a cashier. If you lost your job, you would seek another one no matter what it was, as long as it would help you keep food on the table and a roof over you and your family’s head.

In 2009, when you go to look for a new job of any kind you will find that many jobs are not even listed in the Want Ads because those jobs are filled with illegal aliens and a surplus of legal immigrants. The employers have no desire to spend money on newspaper ads, if they have an opening they just tell the foreman, ask their existing workers, or in some cases call up the drug and human importing cartels in Mexico to order a new shipment of illegal aliens workers, as was the case with Tyson Foods here in North Carolina.

So American workers are not even finding notices for many jobs in construction, landscaping, hospitality and food industries, agriculture, meat processing, textiles, raw materials production, etc…

And even if you do approach one of these employers, you may find yourself in the position that many ALIPAC supporters have reported.

The employers of illegal aliens and H2B visa immigrants do not want Americans in the mix. There is rampant discrimination against America workers because they do not speak Spanish, are more concerned about worker health and safety laws, and might contact Immigration and Customs Enforcement to report illegal workers and visa fraud.

Even if you did go out on your own to find the non-advertised menial jobs, and you made it past the discrimination factors, you still have two major hurdles.

One, multiple studies have documented the common sense knowledge that illegal immigration greatly depreciates wages for Americ
Can’t fit it all so go here for the rest of the story

A paranormal game where you feet feel like they fall through the floor?

Ok, so me and my older sister are sharing storys of games we’ve played at sleep overs. She told me that her ad her friends played a game where one of the friends lays on the floor and the others do something to make the feet of the person on the floor feel like they’re falling/ fell through the floor.
I asked her if we could play and she said she doesn’t remember how.
Do any of ya’ll know?

Why do skeptics feel the need to put people down who believe in the paranormal?

Why cant skeptics respect another person’s oppinion without insulting them? After all scientists can neither prove or disprove some aspects of the paranormal – what makes the skeptic so arrogant?
Edit to Eri: in both my degrees and in my 20 years experience working with disadvantaged people I was taught It is much more important to keep an open mind about everything, simply for your own intelligence.

What were your favorite parts from the movie The Amity ville horror & how did you feel after watching it?

How did you feel after watching the movie the Amity ville Horror and what were your favorite parts of the movie?
go to to watch this movie.

Phideaux – Feel The Radiation – live

Well, the guy does have a sense of humour :) The song has appeared on the second Phideaux’s album, Ghost Story (2004) http

Do you feel most musuems have some type of paranormal activity?

I have heard most musuems have ghosts or some other paranormal activity due to the historical artifacts.

Does your cat ever give you a penetrating stare that makes you feel uncomfortable or spooky?

Mine does occasionally and it’s a bit unnerving. Does yours?

Skeptics how do you feel about the Paranormal section being in Science and Mathematics?

I know yahoo had intended it to be more of a science subject instead of a belief subject but the modern popularity of the Paranormal is really a belief and not a science.

Just wondering how those of you who are actually in the science field or similar training feel about this.

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