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Gulf Coast Ghost Hunters Association (Hospital) Extended

Gulf Coast Ghost Hunters Association is the leading paranormal research group located in the Corpus Christi Area. On this video, GCGHA investigates the haunted claims of an abandoned hosptial.. This is the extended version..

Holmestead Farms extended interview and tour

Take a trip down to the Moore/Webb/Holmes Plantation located close Marion, Alabama. Charles Holmes tells a story of a friendly ghost encounter. Join us on Alabama’s Ghost Trail! Visit for more information on this location.

Primal Thirst trailer extended cut

This is the extended version of the trailer for the paranormal adventure “The ENIGMA Directive: Primal Thirst”, a novel featuring the adventures of wise-cracking cryptozoologist Dr. Obadiah “Jack” Jackson as he travels to Malaysia to rescue a beautiful missionary from horrifying, blood-feeding cryptids known as jenglot. The book is a humorous, fast-paced adventure in line with Indiana Jones meets X-Files meets Destination Truth. If you love a good adventure book, then check out Primal Thirst at Amazon,, and all other internet books stores!

Donald Stone Extended Interview

Welcome to Alabama's Ghost Trail! The extended version of the interview with Donald Stone on the grounds of Snow Hill Institute.

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