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What are some paranormal experiences you have had that you know were signs of evil to come?

Have you or someone you know had real life encounters with something that you would call not of this world and you knew that it was signs of evil things to come and did days go by and then suddenly some evil happened to a loved one or one of your family members?

What are some paranormal experiences that you have had that resulted in a very powerful demonic possession?

Who in your family got possessed by something that wasn’t of this world?

What if anything does it tell about a person who is not sensitive to paranormal experiences?

and assume the person is not closed minded to the supernatural, that they just don’t have any capability of experiencing supernatural events.

Tell me some Paranormal experiences you have had?

I just want to know if anything weird like that has ever happened to you. I also want to know a couple of ways to attract the Paranormal .

What are some experiences with the paranormal you have had?

I have been able to see spirits since I was little. Has anyone had similar experiences?
I have perfect vision, so its not my eye site trust me I wish this was all in my head.

How to atheists explain paranormal experiences which suggest a spiritual dimension and the existence of God?

Do you think paranormal experiences are higher during the holidays?

I am hearing more and more about dead loved ones visiting during the holidays. anyone else experience this?

What are some of your personal paranormal experiences?

If you have anything bad to say don’t say it.

What is the best way to open yourself to paranormal experiences?

Always been curious. I’m not looking for that kinda thing like go into a graveyard and physcologically freak yourself into thinking you see something. I’m looking for a “true” experience, if there is such a thing.

What have been some of your most terrifying paranormal experiences that involved using an Ouija board?

I’m just very curious about these things. Rest assured, I have no intent of using one myself. I’d personally like to stay demon free.

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