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What are some paranormal experiences you have had that you know were signs of evil to come?

Have you or someone you know had real life encounters with something that you would call not of this world and you knew that it was signs of evil things to come and did days go by and then suddenly some evil happened to a loved one or one of your family members?

A 90s horror movie where all the children turn evil WHATS THE NAME?

its a horror movie, something happens in the town and turns all the children (espicially the little girls) into evil creatures with glowing eyes…. i cant remember the naaaaame help me please!

Why are mirrors seen as evil?

There are lots of horror movies that use them as main characters/props, whether it be zombies in the Skeleton Key, the evil queen’s mentor in Snow White (the scary live action version) or from a non-horror aspect in the Illusionist where the love interest’s reflection kills her onstage. Then there is the mythology of Bloody Mary and the jr high sleepover game of Redrum.

If a mirror was truly evil, wouldn’t people hear more about them wreaking havoc or is just limited to certain folks/situations/environments? Seems like they would be a bigger killer than the crime you hear about everyday with guns, knives, bombs and whatnot. But yet for every 1 person who is afraid of them, there are 1 million who think it’s all in their heads from watching too many movies.

If there wasn’t a reason, why would be they be so shunned out of fear? Even in this day and age when most people are considered to be educated rather than superstitious. It’s not like most people go out and say “let’s see what we can scare ourselves senseless with today for no reason”.
Mic the cat, that sounds like the Skeleton Key. It’s the same premise. That theory does make sense though.
I’ve also read lots of stories about people who see things in the mirror that scare them senseless that are not in the room at all with them and that are not their own reflection, and that can appear at will, which is out of the viewer’s hands.

Most Haunted Live – the search for evil night 6 “part 1”

Most Haunted Live – The Search For Evil Day 5 Part 22

Most Haunted Live – The Search For Evil Day 5

Most Haunted Live – The Search For Evil Day 5 Part 3

Most Haunted Live – The Search For Evil Day 5

Would you buy a horror type novel that evolves around an evil cat?

So im writing this horror type novel that evolves around a cat that is evil and i wanted to know is it a good idea for a horror type book or a bad idea?


Dog lays still in dog house until activated when it comes lunging out & up 3′ with barking & snarling.TERRIFIING! See more props and halloween music at

MOP – Ante Up (live evil mix) by MARSOURNEXTHOME

What’s up world? Since tomorrow is Halloween, just wanted to add some musical ambiance for the occasion. This time I mixed up a couple of 90’s classics. Some MOP and one of the originators of horror-core… Maybe you can bump this in your car and frighten some children…lol….. Enjoy and Happy Halloween…..”evil laugh”………. PEACE MOP – Ante Up (voice only) Flatlinerz – Live Evil (instrumental)

What is the horror movie that features an evil television show?

What is the horror movie that features an evil television show?

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