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Halloween party ideas, games, decorations, etc.?

we’re all 11-12, i want it to be scary i have things like bon-fires and haunted houses

Need help in planning a Kintergarden Halloween party – prizes – games – etc…?

i really want to make it a hit but have no idea where to start… Thanks alot for any and all suggestions!!!

halloween party games etc. question?

every year my mom and sister and i have an annual halloween party with people from our school, etc. we have a friend who owns one of the street haunted houses and he sets up an awesome maze haunted house in our garage with his props. anyhow, im in 8 grade and my sister is in 3, but i need some ideas on what i can do with my friends at the party for fun, since were so much older than my sister and her friends, and we obviously don’t want to do the same types of things

I have about 4600 movies. I have them listed as horror, comedy, etc. How can i separate them?

I mean separate them into categories such as just the comedy or horror or family without having to copy and paste one by one???? Help is there an easier way??? Thanx ahead of time!!!


I’m planning on having a Halloween party in October. I need some great party tips, games, recipes and cheap decorations and prizes. And please no links.
Thanks and Happy Halloween,
I love Autumn. ( P.S. I need this to be cheap.)

does any one have stories of big foot, hairy man yeti etc.?


How do you make fake body parts (torso, arms, legs, etc…) for a haunted house?

I made a mini haunted house last year and purchased a lot of fake heads, arms, organs and the like. I want to do more, but the stuff is a lot of $$$. A fake torso alone can run $100 and they all look the same. I’d like to make my own to save $ and be original. Plus I’m a real DIY type guy anyways. I know people use latex, but I am unsure of how? What kind of paint do I use? Any painting tips?

Why is it socially acceptable to believe in Christianity but believing in ghosts etc. is not?

Why is it socially acceptable to believe in Christianity but people who believe in superstitions or ghosts are often made fun of?

Many people are quick to say “I’m not superstitious!” but how are organized religions any different?

Is it related to power? That is do those with power have the luxury of calling their superstitions a religion?

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