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fun games for small kids to do during a halloween party?

I am having a party for a group of children ages 18 months to 5 years of age and am looking for fun games for them to do. Any suggestions?

Some ideas I have are:
Sack races
bobbing for apples
decorating pumpkins or halloween goody bags

Are the rides at Universal Orlando open during Halloween Horror Nights?

Halloween Horror Nights require a separate ticket for the evening shows but I would like to ride some rides too. Anyone know if the rides are open during the event?

During Halloween Horror Nights can you still ride the rides at universal studios?

i plan on making a trip to universal studios hollywood for halloween horror nights but if i go in the afternoon can i get on the rides?

I’m looking for historical, mystery, and horror books to fill my free time during the school day?

I’m going to have a much lighter schedule in the coming weeks due to a semester course ending soon. Thus, I’m going to have a lot of free time during the school day and I’m in need of some reading to fill my time. I love history and horror/mystery books. Are there any classics that you could recommend to me in this genre? Thanks

what happens to pulse rate during a horror film?

Please can someone tell me what happens to the rate of the pulse during a horror film, i cant really find anything that makes any sense on google.

Do you have to purchase 2 seperate tickets for Universal Studios in Hollywood during Halloween Horror Nights?

I’m planning to go to Horror Nights at Universal Studios but I saw on the site that it opens at 7pm is that the whole park or is the other part of the park open regular times during October? If so, do you have to purchase seperate tickets to go to both parts of the park?

Are you sick and tired of women making noises during horror films?

Don’t get me wrong, I can understand why women scream and cry etc. (of course this doesn’t apply to all women, I know there are women who love horror movies) but take my mother for example, everytime she sees someone get shot in a movie she always has to make some kind of sound and for me, a horror movie lover, it gets irritating.
Am I alone on this?

Do you think paranormal experiences are higher during the holidays?

I am hearing more and more about dead loved ones visiting during the holidays. anyone else experience this?

Girls, if your boyfriend was a huge fan of horror, would you be willing to pretend to be dead during sex?

If he loves horror movies and stuff? Also how would you feel about zombie makeup? How about having sex in a homemade coffin he keeps in the closet of his bedroom?

Or a vampire night?

has there been any movies made where paranormal activities occurred during the shooting of the film?

could anyone list down movies where paranormal activities started occurring during the shooting of a film?

we all know about “3 men and a baby” where rumors had spread about the little boy hidden behind the curtain.

how about when they shot the original amityville horror in the original house…i faintly remember hearing from somewhere that there were things happening in the house while shooting that movie?!

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