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What Halloween Costume could I make out of a black ballet dress?

I don’t really want to be just a ballerina, any creative ideas?

What Halloween costume can you make with a pink dress?

It’s like a princess gown but I’m not sure what princess to be or what else I can do with it, suggestions?

What Halloween costume can I make out of a purple cheetah dress?

I have a fairly cute purple cheetah/leopard print wrap dress, but I don’t know what “to be” in it. Yes, the thought of being a Cheetah Girl has crossed my mind, but I’d rather find something else. So, any ideas?

What halloween costume can i make out of my old dress?

my dress is all black, with a pink stripe in the middle and then it ties back into a bow. its not long, it comes right above my knees, and i dont want to be dead or anything like that. but i really dont know what i could be, any ideas?

How can I create make this dress for a halloween costume?

How can I create make this dress for a halloween costume?
how can i make this dress??
any ideas or suggestions?
thanks :),r:3,s:70&biw=1269&bih=727

Help me make a nice dress into a halloween costume?

I have a black dress that is about thigh length with a glittery area right below the bust that goes across…it is a flowy strapless dress…I wanna wear this dress and wanted to know if anyone could think of any ideas i could make it into for a halloween costume?

How do you take a formal dress and make it a halloween costume?

I have 3 and 2 are really long and ones a medium length,all different shades of blue. any ideas? i have money to work with but almost no time!

What Halloween costume can I make out of a black dress?

I’ve been so busy this month and haven’t been able to go get a Halloween costume. What can I do with a little black dress? I can go out and buy whatever accessories. I’m 5’0 with super dark hair if that matters :]

What to add to little black dress to make a halloween costume???

I have a black dress with very little baby pink trim. The possibilities must be endless, but i cant think of any.
I would buy a new costume but im pretty low income, so any ideas on what i could add to this black dress that comes down to my calves… to make a terrific and CUTE costume would be appreciated.
I was thinkin dead princess, but i dunno how i would do that??
So please anyone add some ideas, but please add in on what i would need to make it.

How to make a duct tape dress for my halloween costume?

Does anyone know any websites that list cute halloween costumes that you can make a dress out of duct tape for? Step-by-step instructions needed. ANy ideas what I could be with a cute dress made out of duct tape?

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