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LOST TAPES: Dover Demon

For More Creature Profiles Check Out: The Dover Demon, sighted only three times over the course of 25 hours before disappearing entirely, is still a terrifying legend in Massachusetts. What was it? LOST TAPES airs Tuesdays at 10PM e/p only on Animal Planet

Why was the demon in Paranormal Activity 2 more hostile and persistent than it was in the first?

Especially with how the first takes place AFTER the second movie. Please don’t answer unless you have seen BOTH movies, because chances are you won’t know wtf you’re talking about.

CGH: Demon house in Corrales NM

Corrales Ghost Hunters take you into one of the most haunted homes in Corrales.

Whats that old horror movie called where theres a little child demon killing?

Whats that old horror movie called where theres a little child demon killing, i think he tried to kill a girl named clarice. Ive been trying to find out Which movie it is so i can watch. Its sort of old, maybe came out in the eighties. But is an awesome movie

Scary haunting demon possessed baby doll

Scary evil demon possessed baby doll repaint DEMON WOLF LUNGER Animatronic Halloween Prop

Demon waits on all fours then LUNGES & THRASHES out and up to 7′ in seconds with Custom Snarling Sound. Very violent movement! DWB301 DEMON WOLF BUSH Lunger HALLOWEEN PROPS

DWB301 DEMON WOLF BUSH LUNGER Waits behind trees, Then trees part and DEMON WOLF Lunges up from 3′ to 8′ in seconds while snarling and growling. Very Scary! Comes with Character, Pneumatics, Trees, controller, motion sensor and powered speakers. Find this prop and many more at

Horrific demon attack caught on tape

An amateur ghost hunter gets the fright of his life as he investigates this abandoned bomb shelter and is violently assaulted by a terrifying demon.

Yeah, my house is haunted and I need ways to get rid of a demon. Can anyone help?

Yeah this thing has haunted my house for as long as I can remember. It has moved stuff, knocked stuff over, made noises, banged stuff around, and it has stared at my dad. It had glowing red eyes. We have had people come in to try to get rid of it but they say its too powerful for them to get rid of. Does anyone have any suggestions cause this is getting way out of control and its starting to scare both me and my dad a lot more then it used to.

Real demon ghosts to Tubular bells (Exocist)

I have seen many pics of ghosts and demons. I have included in this collection some that I have never seen before. You decide if real or not!

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