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were to get botany degree?

were can i get botany degree in the us

or ufology or cryptozoology
or astrobiology
or paleozoology
or some other life science thats awsome

What degree would Paranormal Investigating fall under?

I am looking for this degree. I really could use some help for a few top colleges also for it.

I need a stusy outline or course outline to get a degree in cryptozoology.?

How can I earn a degree in cryptozoology?

Anybody want to field this? This is very important for new species to be classified..anybody? I might repost it in a different location.

Is there such thing as a degree in cryptozoology?

Anthropology and the Paranormal Degree at a University?

At my local Community College they offer an anthropology class that has to due with ESP, psychokinesis, disembodied
spirits, astrology, UFO’s and cryptozoology. It is an extremely fun and interesting class, but that is all they offer. Does anyone know of a University that offerer’s a degree in Paranormal Anthropology or something similar to those topics I have listed?

Is there anywhere on earth where you can do a degree in Cryptozoology or related mythical animal science?

Where can you get a cryptozoology degree?

Is there even a place you can get one at?
I love cryptozoology and i would like to
have some kind of career involving it
*or at least learn more about it*

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