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I’m thinking about having a kid’s Halloween party. Any suggestions for food, games and decorations.?

Thanks in advance :-)

What decorations indore and out, food, and games that are cheap and cool for a halloween party with teenager?

Halloween party ideas, games, decorations, etc.?

we’re all 11-12, i want it to be scary i have things like bon-fires and haunted houses

Any ideas for a halloween party, fun games, scary music, wicked decorations?

What different ideas, games, food, decorations can I use for my Halloween party?

We are about 12-14 yrs old and there is about 20ish people going to my Halloween party for 3hrs and i was wondering what kind of things to do, decorations, food, games, all for cheap and parents will accept!!!!! These are middle school kids!! boys and girls!! remember were not babies!!

What games,prizes and decorations should I have for my Halloween party?

I’m having a Halloween party and I need to know games I should play what prizes I should have and what I should decorate my house with?

Halloween party fun games, food, decorations, and ideas…?

My friend and I are hosting a Halloween party for a whole bunch of people,
perhaps 15 or more. We are in 8th grade, and would like to host a party
that ends up in a blast. If you have any good recipies, websites, ideas,
games, decoration instructions, etc. than please answer and tell me them.
Please remember this is for 13/14 year olds, and that it’s a Halloween party
for 15+ people. Thanks! Please Reply!

What is the best Yard decorations this Halloween! Halloween Yard Decoration cannot be neglected if you are going to hold a halloween party. Your friends will be caught by your Halloween party decoration

Halloween Decorations 2006

The Halloween Decorations I set up in 2006 for trick or treaters along with some contact/toss juggling.

Where can I find classic horror housewares and decorations?

Does anybody know of any websites I can find some badass classic horror housewares and decorations. Non Halloween stuff. I have found a lot of stuff on etsy. But does anyone know of any other websites. Thank You!!! :)

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