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Cryptozoologie Cryptozoology Requin ou Mégalodon

The World of Cryptozoology pt.3

The last part of the slideshows. Remember if you have any questions feel free to ask. Music “Carnival of animals” the “aquarium” I believe it is called.

Giant Bird Cryptozoology

The MonsterHunter goes in search of a massive beast! A bird so large that it boggles the mind. What is it? The proof you will see here will have the scientific and cryptozoological community talking and examining this video for decades!

Cryptozoology Tyger’s of Tasmania_0001.wmv

Cryptozoology Tyger’s of Tasmania_0001.wmv

Cryptozoology Tyger’s of Tasmania_0001.wmv

Oddities of the World Cryptozoology

Cryptozoology & The Bizzare

A whole new series of photos of the strange and unusual

The World of Cryptozoology pt.2

Part two of three. Again I would love to hear your thoughts. Also feel free to ask questions. Music is from a Godzilla movie. I could not help but add the last image just for fun. Yes I do take cryptozoology seriously; I just like to be light hearted.

Bigfoot Hunting Cryptozoology

I came prepared to track down this legendary monster and what I found after my extensive search will shock and amaze the scientific community as well as the civilized world!

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