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Ghost Adventures’ Crew (GAC) LIVE Virginia City Ghost Hunt

Ghost Adventures’ Crew (GAC) LIVE Virginia City Ghost Hunt

Ghost Tracker Crew Bloopers & Having Fun: Miss Caroline’s (The Abbott House)

These are our outtakes from the produced to TV and live investigation of Miss Caroline’s (The Abbott House) in St. Augustine on Aug 23, 2009. It’s always good to have fun as well. Be sure to check us out at or on Central Florida’s WRDQ 27/TV 27 on Wed., Sat., and Sun @ 2 AM

How can i make my own Horror film with no experience one digital camera, computer, my crew and a low budget ?

I want to do this for a fun Halloween activity “my crew” will be my family. I just want to make it to put on but if you have any better sites to post a homemade movie please list it. I am hoping to spend under $200 for the stuff. Do I need a permit for making it-I read a previous question just like this and the answerer said that you need a permit remember I will just be taping in my family members home. I am going to do this on Halloween night so no body wonders what is going on…. are there any ideas that you want to give me such as masks, props, clothing, special effects, ect.? I want to make this movie between 1 and 1/2 hrs and 3 1/3 hrs. Any ideas that will make it extra spooky? I want it to be like a slasher movie similar to halloween. Please list any sites that have the items that I should buy. or any sites that tell ways of making things look as realistic as possible. Once again anything at all will help.

Thanks for all the help,
Funny Monkey.

Wish me luck?

Welcome Back, Destination Truth Crew!

Another message from the fans of “Destination Truth” on Syfy & http

A Message to the Crew of Destination Truth

Your fans love you. Safe travels for filming Season Four when you leave on Sunday, April 4th 2010 :) Song used: “Hot Air Balloon” by Owl City http

Syfy House of Imagination Sanctuary Crew

Mini making of Sanctuary room for SyFy ad NO INFRINGMENT INTENDED PROPERTY OF SyFy visit

Syfy House of Imagination- Behind The Scenes: Destination Truth “Crew”

Writer/Producer: Stephen Schwartz Editor: Anthony gianni Mixer/Sound Designer: Kevin mcelligott

Ryan Buell And the paranormal State crew

MY dedication to The paranormal state crew and to Ryan Buell. I’m there #1 fan so in result I made this video. Song Switchfoot-meant to live

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