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*Bigfoot Sighting(10-09-08) Rice Creek Chain of Lakes Park MN(12:45PM)*

This is a small video account of my sighting from my sighting area. This is located in the George Watch Lake Peninsula in Rice Creek chain of Lakes Park west of Centerville MN. Will mark the location of where I’m at in this video on the Map info of this video. Will be doing a Nocturnal in this location also.

Frozen Creek School Ghost

Video taken by amateur ghost hunters at old Frozen Creek School House in Breathitt County Kentucky

GTA San Andreas – Myth Hunters -Case 10:Shady Creek Creature

–Yes, I use mods in GTA San Andreas. But NONE of the myths in my videos are mods or have even been influenced of effected by mods. Please stop commenting about this issue. Thank you!– Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a huge game. So huge that it holds many mysteries and myths. It is the Myth Hunter’s job to investigate these unexplained phenomenon. We are not going to tell you what to believe; we are going to show you what we found and leave it up to you to decide. CASE #10: Shady Creek Creature —–Created by Dementous and Firescar

Murders at Summers Creek

Amanda John and Courtney starring in Murders at Summers Creek… Sounds and songs-sounds from Scary Sounds CD

Nick [FCPS] Willow Creek

Forest City Paranormal investigator, Nick, talks about about his experiences at Willow Creek Farm. Video edited by Aaron [FCPS]

Legend of Boggy Creek

Quick stop in Fouke, AK to search out the Boggy Creek Monster.

FCPS Investigates Willow Creek Farm

The Forest City Paranormal Society ( ) was gracious enough to invite the Legends and Lore of Illinois on their recent weekend investigation to Willow Creek Farm outside of Shannon, Illinois. The group scoured the farm for 48 hours and recorded some interesting audio anomalies, which will be available on their website. Check out for pictures from the investigation! And don’t miss all your favorite issues of the Legends and Lore of Illinois! Music by Opeth

Scary Sounds Come From The Creek!

The video quality is shit, but that’s not what is important. Just listen closely. Here’s the story. Rob and I are hanging out at the mailboxes near the entrance to the mobile home estates. We hear a noise and initially assume it’s just a screech owl, but it continued. The next thought through our heads was children screaming. That scared the shit out of us, but we soon realized it was just an animal, but we’ve never heard an animal scream like that before. The actual scary part that you can …

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