A Wooly Mammoth, A Saber Tooth Tiger And A Ground Sloth: Could Bigfoot Have Lived Here?

At the Bone Valley museum Of Cryptozooloy all kinds of creatures once lived in Florida and scientist had no idea until only decades ago. Could this mean that a Bigfoot could still be undetected?

What foods and drinking games could we have at an Halloween/Over-the hill birthday party?

We may have 15 or so people there and I would also like to know how to decorate the outside of my house without breaking the bank.This party will be adults only,so any suggestions you give me will be appreciated!

Halloween Birthday Party? And what games/ things could I do for it to be halloween-y?

I want to do a costume party, and have a little contest for the best in a category (everyone would win so i need to buy inexpensive little goblets that are haloween themed.) Also, the birthday girl is a teenager and it

does anyone know how I could make a planters peanuts costume for halloween?

i want to be the planters peanuts guy for halloween, and I ALWAYS prefer to make my costumes then to buy them. Ill buy black shiny shoes, a top hat, and a cane, but i don’t know how Id actually make the