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I need ideas for games for a Halloween costume party. (Age range 11 to 75!) HELP!!!?

The games can’t involve very much physical activity due to the older guests, and can’t use too much space as the party will be in a small house. Thanks.

Senior Halloween Party: game ideas and cool costume suggestions?

Sorry about the thumbs down folks, not from me. Some people have nothing better to do than be rude.

Besides a Costume contest..what other games can be played at Halloween party..adults only?

No kiddie games… this is a party for adults….but I am not asking for x rated games either>>> thanks !

what or how should I set up my Halloween costume party and what games should I play???

Im looking for really fun exciting games like not pin the tail on the donkey :) thanks

halloween costume ideas/party games?

i want to have an original idea for our costume, and were 14(girls) so nothing bad or stupid.

and for the party what games are there for teens that aren’t stupid and are fun for guys and girls.

How can I make an apron for my Halloween costume?

I am dressing up as Mrs. Lovett for Halloween, and I have everything except one detail I really want: a bloodstained apron. However, I can’t find an apron ANYWHERE, which is really weird to me.

Do you have any suggestions on something I could make into a white apron, something I could probably find in a thrift store or at home?


Does anyone have easy directions for how to make a rocket ship halloween costume?

My pre-schooler wants to be a rocket ship for halloween. I won’t let him change his mind, don’t worry, I know it’s early. I am picturing something made with white vinyl and black duct or electrical tape. I thought Family Fun had one, but they don’t. Any links or ideas?

What’s a funny halloween costume a teen can make?

Me and my friend are trying to come up with a funny halloween costume? Any ideas?

how can i make a Halloween costume from the cover of Cross My heart and Hope to Spy for under 10 dollars?

i don’t have any thing thats off of the cover and if you don’t think that the person on the cover is Carmon then pleas tell me what you think she would wear

What would make a good Halloween costume for Obama and McCain?

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