Is the beginning disclaimer for paranormal activity different for each city?

I had a colleague say that the movie says something along the lines of, “These events took place in San Diego, blah blah etc.” She said that her sister (who saw it in a different state) told her that the showing she

The Haunted Twin City Opera House Welcomes you

Come and investigate Ohio’s most haunted location The Twin City Opera House in McConnellsvile. We the Central Ohio Ghost Squad are hosting these investigations. So check it out at trust me one night here and you will not be dissapointed.

I’m Dead EVP – Knights of Pythias Cemetery, Central City, CO

Visit the official website of The Otherside Paranormal Society at An investigator calls out the name of the man who is said to haunt the cemeteries in this area and gets a response. Very clear what it says. “John Cameron!……I’m dead.

are there any good paranormal groups in the kansas city mo area? Any seminars on ghost hunting also?

Looking for a paranormal group or seminar in kansas city mo. Trying to join a group or get some info on how to conduct a paranormal investigation on my own, and maybe a list of some places to try out in that