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what are some cheap halloween party /game ideas?

for 13 year olds

i need cheap halloween kid party game ideas?

my daughter is having a party and i want it to be perfect but i have a budget! please give me game ideas or recipes. my daughter is 9
where can i get a halloween pinyata?

Some cool cheap games for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders for a halloween party?

I’m throwing a party. It’s all in order except for one tiny detail that might ruin it all! I have no games! Please, only 12 – 17 year olds answer?

What decorations indore and out, food, and games that are cheap and cool for a halloween party with teenager?

What are some good cheap survival horror games for the xbox?

ive been looking around everywhere and i dont know what games to buy, im afraid to buy a game and have it completely suck when i start playing it, any suggestions for a good survival horror game?

I need to make a Halloween costume for myself. I want something CHEAP and SEXY! For a plus size gal?

Anyone got any good suggestions? I have a cute short plain black dress that is a V-neck and really show off the cleavage. I thought about buying the stuff to be a flapper girl but since the V-neck I don’t think it would look right. What else could I do? I don’t want anything gruesome!

What is a cheap way to make a cute halloween costume?

I am not allowed to buy a costume, so I want something simple and easy to make or find at home. HELP!

RJL Production’s cheap store bought props

most expensive thing i have in this video is the head which cost $25 so all of this is easy to find and cheap

How to build a cheap Short Film set?

Okay, so im planning on creating an amateur Horror Film. I’m beginning to write it and i already have a premise for it. It is a game-to-movie adaptation, and im planing to just have fun with it. However im going to need to build a small set, i have an idea of what i want, and i have the space to do it. Would any of you know how to build a cheap set, how to get cheap wood, and where to get some props?

Halloween Props #3- Props For Cheap

All this stuff came from Dollar Tree, and its alot cheaper then Spirit

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